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July 18 2005

UIP Launch Australia's Serenity Website. We have our own website now (with a message from Joss too).

Got excited that perhaps the trailer would've been the new international one... but it's not... damn
Hey cool! It's a bit different from all the other official Serenity movie sites.
Cool, a nice welcome message from Joss in his usual witty style.

Edit for typo.

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Hee, I missed that. I've added it the subject line (I know a lot of us like to read what he says :)).
Did I die? Am I in some kind of heavenly plane where the Powers That Be have deigned to consider our little - well, I guess it's big, actually - island worthy of such a thing? I mean, we've got some serious fans out here, so I'm really happy it's been noticed.

Take that, Kiwis! :-)
I know First Weevil!! I'm in the happy happy place!! *Doing a very wobbley dance*
We have our own board; this is just phenominal. I think I posted the link like 5 seconds after UIP lanched it. Ha! I thought, I'm running straight over and making sure an Aussie posts this link.
Congrats to you Whedonesquers down under.

Joss's messages always leave me in stitches, and this one is no exception.

And am I mistaken in seeing that the film opens there before it does in the US?
I'm delighted for you Aussies - now let us win the bloody Ashes just once, OK?

(No pain in that statement, nope, none at all . . . )
It does appear to be the day before, especailly with them being quite a few hours ahead of the US, it's over a day and a half earlier.

Edit to add: let us win? Bah, we'll do it without help from them (positive thinking, that's the key :) )

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Very shiny. I loved Joss' message, especially the comment about shrimp on the barbie. Lol!
The film appears to be opening in a number of places before it opens here in the US. Is that normal?
We'll never let you win!! And if you do, it'll only be because we finally felt sorry for you. Or because of Arthur Dent.

The film yes, is released a full day ahead of you guys. We've discussed this a few times on here before. We have our film openings on a Thursday, for a whole lot of reasons. Most being I think because us Aussies, love a good drink, and Friday nights are usually reserved for that; also most ppl get paid Thursday; we have late night trading that day; blah, blah, blah.
I think it's pretty darn fantastic! We have only a small population, yet we're a very social one.
20 Million is all, and we get our own website!

Take that Europe!!!!! Ke-bang!
"...bloody Ashes" ?

Sorry SNT, you lost me on that one! :)
I'm mostly cracking up over the "none of us can legally marry" bit. My condolences.
Willowy, that's England v. Australia: cricket. Not just any old cricket, but a really BIG deal. Apparently. I don't know, I live in a non-cricket country.
Thanks, chickenbird. Now I have some idea what he was talking about, but what are the Ashes? Is it a cup? Like the Americas? Wimbledon? Heismann?

Sorry to be the ignorant American, but I'm trying to eddicate meself heer...
I'll let you Pommes answer that one...

cause you lost them...

I don't think Joss will be that much of a stranger to Australia since WW is being planned to be shot down there, isn't it?
Willowy said:
Now I have some idea what he was talking about, but what are the Ashes? Is it a cup? Like the Americas? Wimbledon? Heismann?

It's, well, ashes... in an urn. Any time Australia play England in a test match, they're fighting for invisible ownership of the Ashes. It is, as I see it, a symbol of the friendly, but massively competetive, sportsmanship between the two countries. They have a Queen that tells us what to do, so we kick their ass at cricket. Heh.
Geez, we have 35 million in Canada, eh, and we don't get no web site. Someone pass me an Ex. Then I'm going to find the mukluks, hitch up the dogs and get to Hollyrood and throw a snowball at Universal Studios. Now, where's that elk skin . . .

Ahem, very nice for Oz. Now be nice to your southern neighbours and share.
Looks better than the US one. I like it!
No Australian is cooler than Angie Hart.
Are we sure that was Joss? I mean yes, the writer has made with the funny but did you notice that he signed his name "Joss" not "joss"? I'm suspicious!
Congrats, Australia, on a shiny new website.
a certain individual who shall remain nameless has piked on me, so if anyone wants a ticket to the Melbourne Thursday night screening, I've got one. email me for the shiny goodness. TICKET HAS GONE. Ta.

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Are we sure that was Joss? I mean yes, the writer has made with the funny but did you notice that he signed his name "Joss" not "joss"? I'm suspicious!
Congrats, Australia, on a shiny new website.

It's possible that they rang Joss and asked him to say something for the opening of the Oz site so he dictated over the phone. Since it was posted via the offical UIPAustralia account rather than an account of his own that seems reasonable to me.
I must say I was also a little suspicious about the "'Cause we're BROWNCOATS, guys", but the marrying part convinced me. Anyway, could someone explain the shrimp joke - maybe because I'm not a native English speaker, or maybe just because I'm too slow, I didn't get it :o
The shrimp joke relates to an old Australian Tourist Commision commercial starring Paul Hogan aka 'Crocodile Dundee'. See this interview with Anthony La Paglia on Enough rope with Andrew Denton.
Well it's kind of a cliche that all australians talk in a similar manner as portrayed in many films/tv shows with the most popular saying's being "throw another shrimp on the barbie" and "G'day mate" and probably some others.
Here's a list of stereotypes that includes said shrimp talk

EDIT: oops beaten too it, though with slightly different information so it's ok :)

[ edited by Paul_Rocks on 2005-07-19 15:07 ]
Hehe, ok :-D
Thanks a lot!
Also we don't say 'shrimp' here, we say prawn.

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