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July 18 2005

Wondering about Wonder Woman. The movie gets mentioned at Comic-Con and this led to some very goofy fun at the Serenity panel and thunderous applause at the Veronica Mars panel (very minor spoilers for that show btw).

I just adore Nathan!! I love hearing about his antics and I love hearing about how much fun the cast and Joss all seem to have with each other!! And I'm very happy about the casting news for VMs. I think she'll fit in quite nicely in that role.
Wow, nobody told me that Nathan did a Wonder Woman impression! I'd love to see that. Maybe if I'm ever lucky enough to go to a con he's at, I'll ask him to do Wonder Woman again just for me. Hee.
Boy do we sound like a couple of fangirls!!
I've heard a lot of praise for Veronica Mars, so whenever it hits the UK I will definately be checking it out. The news that Charisma ia going to get involved only sweetens the deal. I just hope the character is different from Cordelia.
Buffy-Cordelia or Angel-Cordelia? They're like two vastly different entities.

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