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July 19 2005

Unconfirmed July 28th Screenings? Over at the 'Versal board, MrMatthew reports that a "Special Advance Preview" has appeared on Fandango for Las Vegas, on July 28th, at 10:00 PM, using the numerical movie ID code Fandango has used for the previous "Serenity" screenings.

Click through that title link for the original conversation about this. As stated, the "Special Advance Preview" coming up in Las Vegas indeed uses the same movie ID code that previously has always turned out to be "Serenity" -- and the screening is for the final Thursday of the month, at 10:00 PM, also matching prior experience with the screenings.

This is, of course, entirely unconfirmed, but fits the pattern of theaters beginning to put the tickets up before any official announcement.

Caveats and warnings: In some other 'Versal board thread, weeks ago, someone suggested thet had heard the July screening had been cancelled. That doesn't mean that info is correct, but I figured it should be mentioned here to underscore that we just don't know about this one.

But, with all responsibile "buyer beware" notice provided, if it is another "Serenity" screening, or if you simply want to take the chance while we still don't know for sure, what follows are the relevant Fandango links for all cities which screened in June and used Fandango for their ticket sales.

Atlanta GA

Austin TX

Boston MA

Charlotte NC

Houston TX

Indianapolis IN

Las Vegas NV

Los Angeles CA

New York NY

Norfolk VA

Pittsburgh PA

Portland OR

Sacramento CA

Salt Lake City UT

Seattle WA

Washington DC

That's not a lot of time compared to the announcements of the other screenings.
Now I just have to check this page every three minutes for the next week to find out if this is true or not. Well, I ususally check it every five or so, not much of a change then.
ouch, just checked Amazon and Firefly is #27 on the best seller's list. Anyhoo, I'm really hoping this isn't a rumor because I need to see the BDM again before Sept!!

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