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July 19 2005

Edinburgh International Film Festival - "busiest [ever] opening days for sales" thanks to Serenity. "The website was hit very hard by an enormous number of people trying to buy tickets as soon as it opened with a staggering total of 40,000 page views in the first hour. "

Previously they have hosted the premieres of films like Lord of the Rings.

Very nice indeed. Nice to see the UK fans taking an interest in the screenings :).

Btw I've swapped round your subject line and link title for the sake of our RSS subscribers.
Ah, no problems. I did have trouble wording the submission.
The website was hit very hard by an enormous number of people trying to buy tickets as soon as it opened with a staggering total of 40,000 page views in the first hour.

That is just incredible!
How awesome is this guys, it's just fantastic. The buzz is getting beyond ridiculous now. Again, how kool is this!
40,000 page views is stunning, but it's probably worth considering that at one point I had 8 different windows open and was constantly reloading them to try and buy tickets. I must've reloaded the page at least 200 times and I'm sure there are people out there who did more than me. Of course I'm sure there are people who only tired once or twice as well and all the buzz generated is obviously brilliant.
Who got tickets in the end? I missed it all being on holiday in the States. Had I been in Belfast, I would have tried to get one.
This is excellent, I was worried that the film wouldn't do that well over here, seems I might have wrong. I just hope all those people go and see the film when it's officially released, again, and again, and again...

Just wish I wasn't in the States at the time of the premiere, you'd figure that was the place to be to see the film early, but no, Scotland. October 7th can't come soon enough.
Wow - that's a lot of hits in the first hour! Even given the constant hitting of the F5 button that was going on (at least in my house!)

Simon - I managed to get tickets but it was through the phone line.
This is awesome news indeed. However, guess we already know Joss' fans tend to be very internet savvy. What caught my attention during the first screenings was Universal's thought that newspaper ads would be required to get word to the masses about this film. Nope, already sold-out by the time newspapers printed their run. Joss must of had a huge smirk on his face that morning. "No need, we talk to one another."
This is important - if you tried for tickets on Friday on the box office website please take note of this:

A nice person at the OB mentioned to check your credit card billings as some people got tickets without getting an email confirmation.

So I did - and lo and behold I have 2 extra tickets for the 24th without realising it! (website crashed on me after I had put my credit card details in). Checked with the box office and it is true. Wow, how about that. I will offer these tickets up, but only when I actually have them in my hands.

Check if you have been billed and then confirm with the box office.

PS If anybody finds an extra ticket for the Reel Life - waves frantically....

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