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July 19 2005

Glowing review for Serenity #1 the comic book. And much praise for the first issue from the likes of Buzzscope and Silver Bullet Comics as well.

Angel: The Curse #2 was released last week too but try as I might, I can't find an online review for it. It was a lot better than the first issue and I liked the subtle references to what happened to the world after the events of NFA.

Anyhow in keeping with the Whedonverse comic book theme, don't forget that Astonishing X-Men #11 is out tomorrow.

I picked up Serenity issue one in Forbidden Planet on Saturday, really good, it was great to finally have some new Firefly, even in comic form, looking forward to the next one. Annoyed if that was issue 2 of Angel I saw and just assumed it was one of the alternate covers (Spike and Angel fighting something). Issue 1 of Angel was alright, but nothing happened really, hope theres some more story in issue 2.
There was definetly more story in it this time round and it had a nice tribute to Cordy.
Yeah #2 of Angel was better than #1, still not a patch on Serenity #1 however which I thought was excellent and which sold like hot-cakes which is odd because... ah you all know the rest :)
Yes I thought issue #2 was better than the first. I picked all 3 books up last week. Serenity was my favorite!
Speaking of sales, there was only one copy (Inara) left at one comics store in Toronto. A clerk there said they put in a bigger order than usual and it sold out in two days, much to their surprise. Many buying all three covers.
I wanted to buy the Mal and Jayne covers but all the Mal ones were gone to my dismay. The guy at the comics store said they were very popular.

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I now have a 'box' at my local comic store - the 'comic boook guy' has preordered all the Serenity covers and the Angel:The Curse, and to my delight popped in a few 'Fray' he found that he thought I might like :)

These will be the first comics I would have bought and read in oh, about 38yrs :D Going to pick an nice quiet moment and have a good read.
I pre-ordered (from Things from Another World -- linked from Dark Horse) all three covers on June 24. Had heard release was delayed from 7/6 to 7/13, so I'd been hoping to have 'em in hand this past weekend -- or maybe yesterday or today. Checked my order status this morning, and it says "Est. Release Date" is 7/20/05, so I figured: ugh, another week's delay. Came on here looking for an explanation of the delay, and I learn people've got theirs already!!!
Bought all three covers as well cause I'm a complete geek. Yes, own it, Serenity geeks! Due to a screwup with distributor, I now have Angel #2 but no sign of #1. /sigh
Me too, dunl, me too. That'll teach me to try to be more organized and pre-order. Zhen daomei . . .
Yeah, still waiting for mine as well! I thought when you pre-ordered you'd at least get it around the same time the comic stores were starting to sell it. I'm getting very impatient waiting!! Glad to see that I'm not the only one still wondering where it is!
Another victim of pre-ordering here. I'd still be waiting, except that a friend loaned me one of her three covers.

I'll have to agree with the Buzzscope review, though; if you didn't already know and love the characters, why bother? I do love the characters and the series, but color me underwhelmed. Maybe it's just that I'm not a comics reader in general, but it just felt like the barest hint of what Firefly was about. I had the same reaction to Fray; there was a good story in there, but I really wish it had been in a different media.

I know, I know. Killjoy, much?
TFAW update: I got an e-mail from TFAW overnight. My issue #1 pre-order is "ready to ship," and -- once ready -- such orders "usually ship out within two business days." I'm just happy they didn't forget about me.

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