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July 19 2005

"The Crow: Wicked Prayer" Among Harry's July DVD Picks. Despite the fact that he hates it, so not really a recommendation.

The reviews have been so mixed, though I think leaning toward the negative. Most, however, have said at least some good things about DB's performance, though certainly not this person. Looks like his dislike of DB, though incomprehensible to me, has certainly colored his review.

Have any of you seen it? I would like to see some opinions from Whedonesquers here. Help, please. Should I buy this movie? I got stung by I'm with Lucy, though I can watch Valentine occasionally.
From what I hear, it's not that good but there's alot of David with his shirt off so it's worth it.
I have seen it. It is as bad as the other two. The ONLY up side is DB. He is fantastic. His bad guy is all Angelus. And really this is a must for any DB fan, if you can ignore everyone else and a story that makes no sense from top to bottom. I was rooting for Luc to win at the end.

Yes he does walk around without his shirt on, in leather, there is bathing scene, and many of those oh so delicious looks.
Wow! Thanks, guys! I'm on my way to the store! Got to pick up Constantine anyway.

Oops! Just called Best Buy and Circuit City and neither of them are carrying it in my area. This movie is getting less promotion than a case of herpes! Guess I'm headed to Amazon.

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Hmm, got it at BB today, will let you know what I think, probably toss it in tonight during workout time. I am a longtime fan of O'Barr's original books from back in the day. Caught on to it by reading a friend's copy of the Caliber press stuff before it was republished in perfect bound. Was one of like six people who sat with James at a 'con bakc in '92 and that was a great great experience let me tell you. Very cool guy, very sad, but funny and fun in spite of the darkness (or maybe because of it).

Even though it was very different from the books, I adored the first Crow flick, could barely stand the second, liked the third. Interested to see how number four plays.
I like the third as well. But this one suffers from a story editor. Somewhere in there, there could be a good story, but it is lost under all the cussing(which it is very intresting to here DB do SO much of), bad acting(not DB) and real non care for your central couple.

In the first crow, I cried so much becasue of how much they made you relate. Some of that might of been because of Sarah, the little girl and the cop. Db's Luc is just as evil and scary as the first crow's baddie.
zeitgeist, I live in a town that is so conservative, its almost reactionary. I'm sure that's why the local stores are not carrying it. I ordered it from Deep Discount DVD. They had the best price I found online, and free shipping! And since they don't have stores in Texas, no tax. Ya gotta think of these things.

I'll be interested in your opinion of the movie since you seem to be knowledgeable about the Crow franchise. While I really liked the first one, I don't even know if I saw the other 2. I did watch the series, Stairway to Heaven, while it was on. I liked it - not loved it like Angel and Buffy. I'm mostly interested in this new Crow due to DB's presence in it.
*curses reactionaries* I'll let you know. I adore the original book above all else, so anyone who hasn't read, please do. It's got way more sharp edges and Eric's not exactly what you would call sane, but its gorgeously messy. I love me some of that.
oh dear god. what a disaster. will provide more details upon request, but i'm embarassed to have dropped the twenty bones on this piece of garbage. i'm embarassed on behalf of everyone who was involved in this film... except tara reid, cause, well, she's tara reid, she has enough of a cross to bear without me feeling sorry on her behalf. why why why... anybody want it before i microwave it to try and burn the horror from my brain? bad bad bad... oh agony... crap... did someone read the script to this and think it was a good idea (and it took three people?)? it should have stayed unreleased so i could at least pretend that it didn't suck. mercy me, stick a fork in it, cause that thing was wayyyyy overdone. somewhere James O'Barr is crying, and I'm handing him tissue after tissue. its okay, J., its over now, man...
Yeah it was that bad, but DB was good.
Even DB was over the top, although, given how over the top Hopper and others were, you were kind of left with no choice if you didn't want to appear flat next to him. Furlong was the only one who wasn't playing it way overblown imo.
That's twenty large and two hours you ain't ever getting back, z. Putting a halt to everything right and decent about your day in order to make time for this garbage...? Certainly you could have found some better use for that time...? Like, say, lint-rolling your carpets? Shame on you with your recklessness.

(but sorta glad too, because it triggered your funny, funny review :D )
Stunningly bad....outside of DB, and even he was a little disappointing. But it does reaffirm my belief that Tara Reid is the worst actress in the English-speaking universe....
Ohhh...Tara Reid is an actress....that explains alot. Sometimes, when i'm watching something and she wanders across the screen, i make sideways wavy motions with my hands and say exasperatedly but patiently ..."aw, honey, not this way. this is a movie shoot sweetheart. over there, darlin'. *points* there's the back door to the martini bar, love...and yes, shannen doherty is inside with your boyfriend. hurry in, and you may be able to catch her in time to rip her blouse or throw your shoe at her. run along now, tara."
yeah... I was having such a good evening, then I cut that short to watch this atrocity. /agree on Tara Reid also, but then I've always said that about her. We'll always have Estonia, barest_smidgen, we'll always have Estonia (and the cabin, and Toronto, and Santorini, Scotland, and Iceland)... /sigh

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Wow! Looks like most of you HATED it. Sorry to hear that and to hear such vehemence about it. Thanks for the comments, zeitheist, though most of the reviews I read were not quite as negative as yours. I have even seen quite a few comments on the boards from DB admirers (probably those of the female persuasion, like me) who were willing to put up with the movie to watch him and thought he was hot, hot, hot. We'll see. I've ordered it.
Too bad Tex, I coulda sent you mine :) IMO, the silliness and cringe factor take away from any enjoyment of DB that occurs. Twice he delivers lines that make me wince. In his and Ed Furlong's cases, though, they did TRY... they just didn't have much to work with.

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