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July 19 2005

Ron and Summer at Gen Con in Indy Aug 18-21. Gen Con welcome as part of their Media Guest line-up, Ron Glass and Summer Glau to the gaming convention held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I had an idea, Bob and Tom the nationally syndicated morning radio show (on the internet can be heard worldwide) is based in Indianapolis. If everyone can email or fax them daily before the 18th, telling them about Serenity and the fact that Ron and Summer will be in Indy Aug. 18-21. Maybe they will schedule to bring them in for an interview, thus getting some more nationwide attention. Especially since Tom just a month ago was asking what ever happen to Ron Glass. They did a phone interview with SMG just before the Grudge came out. They have a large nationwide audience, that is made up of a diverse group of people.

email them at
of fax them at (888) BOB-TOM4

They are on the air from 6am - 10am ET USA

Their website has a VIP camera that normally air while they are on the air.

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