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July 19 2005

Watch with Kristin recommends "The Inside" and "Wonderfalls". E!Online's Watch with Kristin gives a heads up on "The Inside" currently screening on Fox and "Wonderfalls", which will be showing on The Logo Network starting 28th July.

She should've mentioned the Firefly re-runs on sci fi starting this friday.
I'm sorry, but I can't take Krisin's column anymore. Too many mistakes. My opinion.
I better crawl into bed before I fall asleep on the keyboard. Good night, good people:)
g'night, 'hatter :) Would've been nice to see a Firefly shoutout as well, for sure as eddy mentioned.
If you have Logo, and you haven't seen Wonderfalls, I give the series my highest recommendation. Just finished watching all 13 eps on the Wonderfalls DVDs, and the last six will leave you cursing Fox for cancelling this show. (So what else is new?)
I have Logo and I only saw the aired episodes on Fox so I'm looking really forward to seeing the rest of the show.
You won't regret it, Blwessels. You're going to adore Wonderfalls!
I'm going to set my tivo to record them just for statistics sake, even though I have the dvds. Though I hope by recording Logo my TiVo doesn't assume I'm gay. I can't STAND Barbara Streisand. ;)
Wonderfalls is incredible, snarky, and funny! I really related to the lead (it was getting kinda scary there, heh). Go watch it if you haven't seen it. :] I wish there was a second season, I miss me some smooshed lion.

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