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"People were fighting on me"
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July 19 2005

TV Gal talks about the Scoobies' new gigs. It's under the "Best News Ever" headline.

I particularly liked her idea for ASH.

BTW there's also a few words about Firefly a bit further down.

I know the self-linking thing is bad, but I'm all sorts of blue. Sunnydale was demolished today, and I have some pics of it being bulldozed.

I'm just all sorts of sentimental. I asked someone to bring me back a 2x4 or something.

Ima go load the pics onto my server.
Gosh, that's depressing. Perhaps we should declare a day of mourning, and take tomorrow off?
Sounds like a plan k8cre8. Poor Sunnydale :(
And then further down on the page she says:

Serenity now. The Sci-Fi Channel begins airing "Firefly," the short-lived, but still beloved science fiction western from Joss Whedon, Friday at 7 p.m. The network will air all 14 episodes including three previously unaired episodes.
Would it be possible to see those pictures? What happened, were they knocking down sets or something?
Soundstages. I think the offices are the next to go, but unsure when.

I put the pics up in my LJ, here.
Sunnydale collapses into the Hellmouth. Again.

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