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January 24 2003

Audio clips of Tony Head's chat with BBC cult on line now on the BBC website.

Tony's sounding uncanningly like David Bowie in some of the clips - including Bowie's trademark 'funny voice' asides and quips. Maybe it's because they're in the same age bracket.

Huh? I thought for sure Bowie was much older than Head, but according to, there's only seven years difference between them.

David Bowie
8 January 1947
Brixton, London, England, UK

Anthony Stewart Head
20 February 1954
Camden, London, England, UK

Think Bowie would ever see fit to do a duet with ASH? That'd be cool. As for sounding similar, could be more of a cultural thing than a generation thing. Similar background & life experiences. Alike but different. Rather eerie really, come to think of it. It's a shame they could never hire David Bowie to play the part of a Watcher. Perhaps Giles' father in a time travel ep or something. That'd be a bit over the top maybe but I just think it'd be cool to see these two guys working together on screen.
Bowie would be great in an episode of Buffy and seeing as he appeared in that Twin Peaks movie, he's no stranger to genre tv. He has an otherworldly presence about him and knocks the socks off Sting when it comes to acting.

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