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July 19 2005

Mysterious Skin film may be banned. Acording to an article on NINEMSN the film starring Michelle Trachtenberg could be banned in Australia.

The American director of controversial film Mysterious Skin says he is stunned the movie about sexually abused teenagers may be banned in Australia.

While I suppose you can't discount any outcome, just because it's been referred to the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification for review, doesn't mean it will be banned. Once a complaint by one of those Family groups has been made the pollies have to be seen to be taking them seriously. In any case, being banned is highly unlikely. The only film I can recall that might have been banned recently was a film that showed actual sex taking place - and even then there was a a lot of debate about the artistic merits of the movie and it wasn't a straightforward decision. Mind you, I'm not certain what the final outcome for that one was.
I believe they showed the film in some outdoor cinemas, the police came along and fined them and it all blew over pretty fast.

Ive been following this story on the Sydney Morning Herald site, thinking "Mysterious Skin....why is that name familiar?"

Theres always people who will complain about a controversial movie
Thanks ladysorcha, I've just had a look at the SMH articles. One of them suggests the problem is with one particular scene. Hopefully, sane heads will prevail, but I don't think being banned is a foregone conclusion.
Hun? It's classified as R18+ and they still want to ban it? May I go out on a limb here and ask if the Attorney General is a honorary member of the Australian PTC board?
This is soo annoying when they do this. WHY do they complain. If you don't wanna see it DON'T, don't ban it! I mean really it's ridiculous.
Now I wanna see it though sounds like a promising movie, who cares what the topic's about. The people that always want to ban it are the family groups, they just want the media. It's not like their kid is going to be emotionally scarred, plus they can't see it anyway.

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I can see thier point. *ducks head* However, I don't see the controversy. If this movie is handled the way the director has said it is, than there shouldn't be and this will all blow over.

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