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"Is everyone here very stoned?"
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July 20 2005

Great photo of Joss: Keith R.A. DeCandido, author of the Serenity novelisation, blogs about Comic-con and shares this photo of him and Joss.

Hee! That's priceless. Just pure gold.
Wonderful catch shot of Joss. "please get me away!" Hee,hee.
I saw that, too. Fun-ny! Wish I had a picture like that
Tee hee! Nice find.
Funny picture and it makes me very envious. One day I will get the opportunity to freak out Joss too!
It really is the best pic ever. I have one of Joss holding my stuffed Doraemon doll (actually my sister's stuffed Doraemon doll) that is almost as cute as that one... and is it just me, or does Joss look a little buffed out in that pic?
Dottikin - firstly please please post your picture for us at the Flikr site!
Secondly - Yes both of my girls commented on how much thinner and buffer he was looking.
I thought it was a funny picture, but he doesn't look the greatest in it.
Hee! You gotta laugh! Their expressions are priceless!
My my, Americans do have shiny teeth :)

dottinkin, I am glad you said that, because I thought the same. Personal trainer? Is Joss going all Hollywood on us? Is he moving in with his hairdresser next? We need to know these things.
and is it just me, or does Joss look a little buffed out in that pic?

I was thinking the same thing when I saw this last night. Joss is looking mighty fine!
My first reaction: "Has Joss lost weight?" As in, as a reaction to the pressure he's been under. I didn't get the "personal trainer" vibe at all. Must be just me.
LOL, I don't think you have to worry about Joss going all Hollywood on us, Miranda. I think he mentioned a nervous breakdown at the San Diego Comic Con Serenity panel. 'Cause, that's so much healthier!
On a similar note, has anyone seen Peter Jackson lately? Now there's some weight loss!
Being a heterosexual male, I've been told I shouldn't notice these things, but Joss has definitely lost weight. Comparing the real Joss to the video Joss at the Riverside screening made it pretty manifest.

I'm guessing, Joss took advantage of all that H'wood money and probably did the personal trainer/nutritionist thing when he (or his wife) realized he was started to get a bit, er, puffy.

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