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July 20 2005

Serenity International Trailer. The new trailer is now up for download in Windows Media, RealPlayer, and Quicktime format.

Quicktime - dialup

Quicktime - broadband

Windows Media Player - dialup

Windows Media Player - broadband

RealPlayer - dialup

RealPlayer - broadband

There are also MP3s of four selections from the Serenity score. These may not be new, but I just noticed them. I'm pretty sure they weren't all in the June 23rd screening of Serenity.

Shiny, shiny, shiny!
O my goddess, but that trailer kicks ass. I semi-liked the American one, but the international trailer is like TEN times shinier. Smoother flow, more action-y and more bits of Joss-y dialogue: it's all goodness. I can't wait to dl a much bigger version.
I wonder if the larger version will be, well, encoded at the right speed. The chipmonk voices are a little disconcerting, heh.

(I know, I know, why am I complaining already? Heh. Yeesh!)

But I concur with the general good opinions I'm seeing so far. I think 'Versal has to get this, or something very similar, into American theaters ASAP.
Very nice.
Holy mother of crap that kicks vast quanities of ass.

(I'm just sayin'.)

Bring on the hi-res QuickTime! Pweeese?
Shiny shiny shiny!
Holy smokes, that is one kickin' trailer!
Yesss, QuickTime, please! (thnx Robogeek)

But wow! That was a big-a$$ trailer. That's the one that should be in NorthAm, ferchrissakes! Or at least for Canada.

Generally, I despise trailers. The Serenity trailer said to me, here is one incrediblly exciting film coming my way. I can't wait! 72 more days!

Edit: Good grief, in my excitement I left out August's 31 days.

[ edited by Drifter on 2005-07-20 10:12 ]
oooh... now I'm getting more of a feel for the movie - with more of the dialogue - and what kick-ass dialogue it is!
Oh I like :). Very cool indeed.
I'm screaming and squealing all over the house! That is like the koolest trailer! A few minor spoilers tho that is to be expected. It's heaps better than the American one. I'm soooo excited! Cannot wait to go see it again! Also cannot wait to see this trailer on the big screen!

theonetruebix - I didn't get the chipmunk voices? It came out perfectly for me and played well in full screen mode. Maybe that's because I downloaded it first. I hate the stop/start and buffering crap.
WOW!!!!!! Can the anticipation for the release of this movie get any more intense???

I've seen the movie twice now and I'm still clamoring for opening day. What a work of art.
theonetruebix - I didn't get the chipmunk voices? It came out perfectly for me and played well in full screen mode. Maybe that's because I downloaded it first. I hate the stop/start and buffering crap.

I downloaded first also. I still get slight chipmonk on all three versions. Are you watching the 100k or the 300k?
Shiny. Veeery shiny. I was already excited after seeing it last month, and now I'm even more so. Rock on.
Just in case the UK fansite goes down, I've added the links to the trailer to the extended subject line description thingy.

Oh my god, this trailer is way above the first one!!

After watching the first trailer, I was glad but not *that* enthousiastic by the movie... but, watching this one, I could not restrain the pleasure grin on my face...

I hope there won't be a third trailer because, by the way it goes, I would explode seeing it!
Balls. The server must be mucho busy - I can't view it. So they're streams? That's a tad disappointing.
This trailer was more to the point of why we should see it. Never mind the "reviews" that were part of the previous trailer to remind us how great "Firefly" was, this trailer emphasized the movie, and why it's great.
Theonetruebix - the 300k one.
Man I am soooooo excited by this trailer! That is truly something that people will notice! It's not too generic, it has plenty of drama and action and just enough one liners. I can see people watching that trailer in cinemas and thinking to themselves "Ah... Now I know what (insert Browncoat's name here) is talking about. I'll have to go see that."
Cool trailer, though I think I might prefer the first one, that might just be because the picture quality of this one isn't that good. My heart sank a little when I saw that it was only 1:50 long, but then it doesn't have all the text so it might work out longer than the first one.

I just know that some of the people I know will watch the whole trailer thinking it looks pretty cool and then switch off completely when the "From the creator of Buffy" line comes up, but then, those people are just fools.
Oh wow! *Mouth hangs open in awe*
Quicktime trailer added...
First Weevil: Right click, Save As.
Oh god, oh god, oh god. I can barely type. Holy mother of Buddha! Is it September yet?

This was well-worth staying up 'till 4 AM for.

Gotta go. Must. Watch. Again (and then send the link to every non-browncoat I know).
Thanks for the Quicktime, gossi. Much better, IMO. And for whatever reason, Quicktime always seems to run smooth for me, whereas Windows Media often has hiccups and RealPlayer occasionally does as well.

Heh, having gone through the trailer frame by frame now, I can think of a couple screencaps that need making.

Can't wait till I get home and can hear it as well as see it! (damn library!)
Very very nice, even better than the first one (which already was very good). I can totally see this one working for the uninitiated.

I am going to have a Buffy moment here: I don't want to think, I just want to bask. (Although we seem to have lost all mention of Angel which makes me just a tiny little bit sad.)
I'm putting that down to Angel being less internationally well known. Certainly thanks to the efforts of Channels Four and Five, it never took on terresterial TV here in the UK.
Super shiny trailer - Going to have to watch it again and again, so much happening :D

Need to get you some earphones Mara ;)
Simon - you are right. Marketing wise it is the correct decision and I am not complaining.
Cool trailer, though it could do with a little more refining. Seems a little rushed in parts, particularly at the end. Looking forward to hopefully seeing a more refined hi-res QuickTime version. Definitely a trailer with a lot of potential, but definitely could do with some refining.
Need to get this PC a soundcard TDTG! Still, at least I can just keep it playing on a loop, soundlessly, in the corner of my screen... *grin*
Getting about a hit every 5 seconds now. Servers still coping fine so far. I have this mirrored all over the place if demand picks up so hopefully it should stay online.
KernelM said:
First Weevil: Right click, Save As.

Way ahead of you, but thanks. ;-)

The trailer didn't do an awful lot for me. I mean, there were some funny lines n' all, but I think I'm just at the stage, now, where's it's the film or nothing. Bring. It. On.
Aha Mara, I thought you may be just speakerless ;) Loop idea is cool.
Now that I've come back down to earth again (which in no way has to do with just being spoiled for the second time on the 'versal board by careless jerks), I feel the need to critique just a bit.
Firstly, I think they could have done much better with the music.
And then, not relating to the trailer so much as the movie:
1. The Operative seems A LOT like Early. I hope I'm wrong about that.
2. What have they done to Simon's beautiful hair?!

Alright, I'm done. All in all, it is a beautiful trailer, one that I wish was being released in the States as well.
Did anyone notice how not there Book was? Is it a conspiracy to keep Book out of all versions of the trailer?

But besides that little nit pick ... Shiny!
Oh, me likey. Me likey alot. *does little girlie claps and giggles* Saw two-outta-three U.S. screenings and this new trailer actually made me fall in love movie even more in my memory...much, much more indicative of the tone and content of Serenity than "our version." Can summa you smarty-pants in-the-know tell me for sure that this is definitely only for ex-US use, and we're stuck with the old one...? Or might this be a version that also gets floated stateside...? This seems like it'd play so much better here and I need more ammo to get my nonbelieving peeps to give it a go...*whines*
As far as I understand these things (which is not, you know, a great deal), if an International trailer does a great deal of business they can end up using it in cinemas. See example: Batman Begins. If they will choose to or not in this case, I do not know.

[ edited by gossi on 2005-07-20 13:55 ]
Wonderful, wonderful trailer that gives a much better sense of the movie. Although it seems a mite spoilery.
Wow! MUCH better than the earlier trailer. Like others, I'm hoping this also plays in the US. It shows more of Joss's humor and gives a better sense of the film and who the characters are.

I cannot wait for the film to open!
Yes! No! Yes! No!

Well, I say YES! Cool bananas, just managed to convince the boss/dad to let me watch it with the sound up :D.
I think it gives a much better idea of the movie than the US trailer. I agree about it being spoilery as far as giving away some great (little) moments, though not in the sense of giving away any plot points that weren't basic premise.

I want to see the movie again.

Oh, and the Operative is totally different than Jubal Early.

And...I want to see the movie again.
High-Res Version Pleeeeease! I just hope this trailer isn't too fast pased. I would love to see the same trailer slowed down a tad or two, with a few slower shots mixed in with the fast shots. I'm sure it would kick ass even more, that it already does.

[ edited by Zoic_Fan on 2005-07-20 14:23 ]

Oh, and the Operative is totally different than Jubal Early.

I agree. Jubal Early seemed more of an intuitive than a thoughtful person, and was sometimes overwhelmed by its sensation; besides, he didn't seem really aware of who he was; I don't think he fully accepted his own self (look at how mad he nearly becomes when River starts playing with him and its deep self).

On the other hand, the operative seems completely aware of what he is, what he is doing; he looks cold, reflective and completely focused.
Wow, wow, wow. That was highly awesome. With all these new things coming out (soundtrack snippets, comics, new trailer), I'm having an even harder time than before with being patient. September 30th, get here now!
I can't see it til I get home, but I hope it's better than the American one: I didn't enjoyed it, too "Hollywood scifi standard" for my taste.
My god, that KICKED ASS. I agree with folks that it's much better than the American one. Joss' dialogue comes out, it sounds fresh, the subtle humor of people's facial expressions comes out too, and the shots chosen for the action are much cooler. Who's to say this won't show in the states also?
Oh that's awesome. I didn't think it could get me more excited than the US trailer but it might just have managed it.
Shiny indeed, can't wait for the Hi-Res version :)
Gotta say that a lot of us Browncoats have been uber-anxious about whether Universal will know how to market this thing... and I personally think this trailer is definitely on point. We may haggle on the some details, but in my opinion this is IT. The U.S. trailer emphasized what to us are generic elements: fights, explosions, Ooh! Mystery! Here you get a glimpse of different characters in characteristic moments, Mal dead serious and dead funny at the same time, Kaylee looking sunny, etc, etc. It's clear this is not a generic sci-fi film with people with a manufactured seriousness and actors with bumpy foreheads. At the same time it DOES have the action and the mystery. And, of course, its gorram funny.

Have to say, too, River looks totally kick-ass-y in this trailer. She can fight; she's standing up to the captain; she looks tough and attitude-y.

I love the trailer! Love it! Love it! Love it!

[ edited by Ronald_SF on 2005-07-20 16:45 ]
Wow, much better trailer than the first one, and that one made me very happy. This gives a much more definitive feel for what's going on. My only nitpick is that I wish they'd stop using that bit where 'Mal shoots first' as the closer. But that's just my personal preference.

I'm sure this trailer will go over well once they actually start using it. I'm a little peeved that I haven't seen any kind of advertising outside of what I look for. I haven't seen any trailers at the movies, no promos on tv, nuthin'...grrr....Let's get it out there, Universal!!
That was so kick-ass!!! LOVED IT! I can't wait for the movie release... and I have already seen it!
My only nitpick is that I wish they'd stop using that bit where 'Mal shoots first' as the closer.


This sequence is a great definition of who is Mal.

Remember that this trailer and the american ones are not meant to be seen by the same people; if there is redundance in them, it is meant and normal.
This trailer is awesome! I agree that it's better than the first. I had misgivings at first about the "Mal shoots first" ending being in this trailer too, but I think it's a great moment, and a good ending to the trailer.

This is definitely the trailer they need to air on TV.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-07-20 18:14 ]
I was kinda surprised/dissappointed they showed River getting tortured. That was a huge shock for me to see in the movie.
Awesome! Loved the additional 'Joss humor' dialog, that was great.

Oh my, are we already starting a "Mal shoots first" controversy? Didn't George Lucas prove that line of thought just doesn't pan out? Did I mentioned how much I loved this trailer?

Kris, thank you much for these links. Again, awesome!
Loved the trailer, so this will be the one playing in the theathers in the other coutries.

Hope to see it soon, on the big screen.

This sequence is a great definition of who is Mal.

I just feel there is so much more in the movie that would be a better clincher than that. I think a 'line' would have been more effective, but like I said, it's just me. And I know you grab some Star Wars folks in acknowledging that the good guy shoots first, hehe....
With the first trailer, I geeked out, happy to see our beloved characters again. Upon repeated viewings, however, I had major misgivings on how it would play to the "uninitiated" - it just didn't seem to be enough to draw new people in.

Is there some reason why this new international one COULDN'T be the US release trailer? It absolutely needs to be put out there to the genpop.

[ edited by m'cookies on 2005-07-20 18:35 ]
OMG, that rocks!
My guess is that there will be a second US trailer that will be more like this International trailer.
Shiny! Any news on when this will be showing at my local Vue? And in front of which films? I have non-believers to sneakily convince!
And I know you grab some Star Wars folks in acknowledging that the good guy shoots first, hehe....

For me, Mal is not a "good guy" and, besides the fact that he is illegaly transporting merchandise, he has very little in common with Han solo.

Mal has a morale. But he does not hesitate, in order to be true to his morale, to be a *truly awful* guy when necessary. That is exactly what this "shoot first" scene shows, and why I like Mal way more than Solo or any other "fake bad-good guy". Mal is "realistic", not "hollywoodian".
Ah, the high quality version is out and of course bigger is better. Damn, watched the trailer 4 times already now, is it October yet?
That trailer totally blew my hair back!
i kinda like the us trailer.. less scenes from the movie - i think.. but I guess I'll get use to this and it's more action-y too

i want to see it larger (without pixelation) :)
Mmmmmm high quality trailer just lovely. Somewhere somehow a fan is putting the two trailers together.
I think some flan has already offered a t-shirt saying: Mal shoots first. If someone hasn't, then get to it. I'll be first in line.

Disclaimer: it's a fictional story; otherwise, I despise guns.
The earlier comment about kicking "vast quanities of ass" described my feelings perfectly. This is going to be one HELL of a movie!!!
Yep, it's very, very shiny and just another catalyst that makes me want to see Serenity even more.

However I noticed that it says, "From the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and omits Angel whereas the US version mentioned both. Why is this? Both are worthy of inclusion.
I've put a high quality Quicktime version online. It's actually slightly different - the sound is cleaned up, River Tam has been changed to just River, and the credits have been added at the end.
For me, Mal is not a "good guy"

Well, I have to disagree in terms of this particular movie in that particular scene. If it's down to The Operative or Mal, I vote Mal is the good guy. I think that this movie makes it pretty clear you can do some questionable things and still end up on the side of good. And in fact, sometimes you HAVE to bend your personal morals in order to beat the bad guy. But I won't say more for fear of spoilers.
Regarding in front of which movies - there's still a bit of a who-har over this. Basically, not known yet.
I'm having the same issues ppl on the 'Versal board are having with this "hi quality" version -- namely, that it looks like someone just expanded the dimensions of the previous smaller files.

On the upside, the "hi" Quicktime doesn't have chipmonks.
The 'hi quality' version comes from one of the foreign UIP offices, so shrugs. Like I said over there, I've asked for the original DVD/tape so I can rip it myself as the online transfers which had been done aren't, you know, great quality.
On the plus side, we're about to reach the 10,000th download without any servers exploding.
Here's to hoping that Universal realizes this is a superior trailer quickly. Wow. More humor, moral complexity, and the definite feeling that there's a story behind this action movie. Much better for a TV audience. I loved the first one for Firefly, but this one I love because I can see how good Serenity will be.
Uh, way much better than the previous.
I've been squee-ing ever since I watched it!

Is it September yet?
This trailer reads much more action-adventure than the American one, which I feel plays on the whole 'outer-space sci-fi' deal. Definitely pulse-quickening. I'm all a-twitter.
This trailer reads much more action-adventure than the American one, which I feel plays on the whole 'outer-space sci-fi' deal.

Heartily agree with you there!
I've been playing this all day, it's fantastic! Consider me twittering along with blutortu.
I love it! Makes me long for September 30th even more - and I've seen the movie twice already! It worked better in hi-res Quicktime for me, although I watched it in all formats :). Thanks, gossi.
Even if I had never heard of Firefly/Serenity before, that trailer would still leave me panting and clawing at the seats for the movie!
This is so much better than the US one. Anybody heard if there's a chance they will show this one instead?
Mal better shoot first.
I like this trailer. It's nice! Or if I put it this way; the US one was freaking amazing but this one blows it out of the water. It managed to tie into the series in a much better way and there were more jokes. I loved it. Come on November, please come quickly.
It's to be shown on Australia's channel 9 on the Today show early Wednesday morning 27th July at 6.30 and 7.30 am according to Serenity oz .

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