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July 20 2005

Sorry, no July 28 Serenity screening. Posted at the official site: "Attention Browncoats - Contrary to some rumors on the message boards you may have read, there is no July 28th screening of Serenity scheduled."

Didn't Browncoats in Las Vegas buy tickets for that night? I wonder what movie they'll end up seeing.
For their sakes, I hope it isn't Stealth.
Heh. Now they just need to offer an explanation as to what the Las Vegas listing on Fandango is for, or if it's not supposed to be there at all. Because it's still listed, and still using the movie ID code previously used for Serenity.
I think it may well be Stealth. This is one I didn't feel comfortable commenting on.
To bookrats,
actually, I got on a list to see a screening of "Stealth" tomorrow. I had hoped for a "Serenity" screening that night, but let's see how Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel are as Air Force pilots.
As for any chance for future screenings, I thought the one at Comic-Con last week was the final version. So, that means there will only be the screening in Edinburgh in August, and the Red Carpet screening sometime in September. But there might be a "preview" the weekend before the official start.
There's about 5 screenings of Serenity in Aus shortly... The Edinburgh thing is a Gala Premiere, which is a studio elect deal.. There 'may' be UK screenings in between, too.

My personal US stategy now would be to hold off any more screenings to build antipication from fans for the final, fully finished release.
My personal US stategy now would be to hold off any more screenings to build antipication from fans for the final, fully finished release.

Agreed. I personally don't need to see another screening. I enjoy the fandom atmosphere, and I'd hate to miss a BDH appearance (which wouldn't likely happen in Portland anyway), but other than that I'm fine until Sept. 30th.

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To tell you the truth, I'm more interested in the test screenings rather than the fan screenings. Be interesting to read the Universal report on what the average cinema goer thought of Serenity.
Do you think Universal ever actually managed to get any 'average cinema goers' into any of the 'Serenity' screenings? At any rate, I'm glad they posted that the July 28th screenings will not be 'Serenity' before everyone went too crazy on the topic!
Do you mean a test screehning of the fan screenings embers. Because I don't think a non-fan would've bought tickets to a unfinished movie. But test screenings are free and I remember there was one really early this year. Theres probably been more that we never even heard about.

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