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January 24 2003

Why Firefly was destined to fail. The post mortem continues in the weekly opinion piece at

"Imagine if you will if the final episode of Buffy to air was "The Pack". This is the story of Firefly."

... but the first episode of Buffy I saw was "The Pack" and I was hooked instantly.
My first episode from what I can remember was "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and I loved "the Pack but" I can see his point.

And I think what he says here

The difference is that Buffy and Angel air on two fledgling networks, UPN and the WB, while Firefly aired on FOX, which had to retain the high standards set forth by massive hits like The Simpsons and The X-Files.

rings true.

Ah well but I can't wait to see Joss's next non-Buffyverse project. He's being doing Buffy for 7 years, it may be his bread winner but I'm sure he wants to move on. So Firefly did't work out but it was a noble and great effort. I'd love to see him do an historical drama, maybe the founding of the United States of America from the p.o.v. of the ordinary person.
If you throw in Angel, he's been doing Buffyverse for 11 years worth of shows. I'm still holding out the faintest of faint hope for Firefly, but I'd also really like to see Joss make his movie, with him writing and directing.
My paranoia's getting the best of me.

Okay. ASH jumped ship technically two years ago. His reasoning is understandable. Family. No argument there.

Caulfield announced she's leaving near the start of this season. Gellar is keeping mum right now letting people wonder. Don't tell me her "people" aren't orchestrating that. She's keeping her options open either way. Overall that's.. well I don't understand walking away from a steady paycheck with the hope of maybe breaking into the big time, but I kinda understand wanting to leave after four to seven years.

Here's the part that's really bugging me. Firefly was purposefully put on a bad night. FOX killed it. They didn't publicize it and they gave little more than lip service to the grass roots movement. No one - not even the SciFi channel, would give Firefly a new home. Buffy's at risk of being out of the picture. They couldn't find a place to sell the animated series. Now ANGEL is on the bubble! It's like Whedon and Mutant Enemy have suddenly gotten blacklisted from the television industry.

What happened? How did this happen? Why isn't there a reporter somewhere investigating that?
It is for the same reason that Whedon fans a cultish - the main stream just does not "get it". No one wants intelligent television. They want to be shocked. They want to be apalled. I have to admit, sad though it is, that I watched Joe Millionaire the other night. Why? Because I could not believe that people paid to produce that tripe. But, they hooked me. *shakes head* TV is going to continue to pander to the lowest common denominator until for as long as they can. It's the same reason that most pulp fiction novels are set at a grade six reading level. Who wants to think anymore?

Okay, okay. End rant.

I miss Firefly. It is Friday night and there is nothing on the tube. I need my Joss fix.

What we need is a cultural revolution.

No plans as of yet on how to do this.
Hmmm. How about we get rid of the masses!
Or give 'em a proper education.
So it's not a conspiracy, but it's just that society is to blame? Personally I'd prefer to believe there's a conspiracy. Blaming society is so gauche.
Or let them cake presumably. Out of interest what other TV shows do we all watch apart from Whedon ones?
Outside of Jossverse shows, "The Sopranos" is the only other show I watch religiously. I also watch "24" and "The Shield" pretty much every week, but there's not as much feeling and attachment there.
We should force the Joss-verse on people en mass. Take over all the networks and play all the eps at the same time. Even S6. I get FOX! (and 10 mins alone with Gail Berman!)

And the only thing I watch outside of JW productions is Alias. And, obviously I'll watch Miracles next week, and.. Well, we all know why.
I watch CSI Vegas when I can. Second to Buffy it's the best show on television. CSI Miami should have been called The David Caruso Star Vehicle shouldn't it? West Wing was one of my favorites, but recently it's gotten even harder to keep tabs on what's going on, and it never was easy to watch. And now that they've moved Angel, there's no contest. West Wing is often fascinating, but I prefer Mutant Enemy's storytelling style.

I tried High School Reunion and almost scratched my eyes out. The Surreal Life is amusing in the same way I used to watch an anthill when I was five. With a magnifying glass. And a very sunny day. *mischevious grin* Celebrity Mole is good for the sole reason of Kathy Griffin. Funny. Beautiful. I don't care who's the mole but I'm lookin' to see if she's got any.

Mister Sterling and Queens Supreme are a couple shows I didn't think I'd like, but a couple times I've happened to tune in while channel surfing and I gotta admit they're a couple of those kindsa shows that when I surf and catch it I have trouble clicking away. Nice writing and very real, raw acting. Smallville's a guilty pleasure. Guess that's all that comes to mind at the moment. Slim pickin's on the telly nowadays.
Mmm, Smallville. I don't watch on a regular basis, but whenever I do, I always appreciate that Clark/Lex HoYay! Otherwise, Buffy's pretty much it.
I watch the West Wing, but it doesn't grab me as much as S1/2 and Sorkin ticked me off recently when he ridiculed fandom on screen. I like Six Feet Under, looking forward to the new season. I was a big DS9 fan, would like to have it all on DVD - but I've found it hard to return to Trek since getting hooked on Whedon shows. Still download new Enterprise episodes, but scarcely watch 'em.

I used to watch E.R. religiously, but haven't the last couple of seasons. In the past I've loved series like Robin of Sherwood ("the hooded man"), The Persuaders, The Freewheelers (yeah, I'm that old) and definitely Hill Street Blues in the 80s. A friend recently gave me the U.K. series "Ultraviolet" - a higly modern vampire story, which was quite good. I like lots of Britcom too.

My job requires me to watch Dutch television... but I rarely do, I rather surf/work/play on line.
I loved Ultraviolet too, never saw the American remake though. It was a great take on the vampire mythos.
Prolific, the 'Robin of Sherwood' series you mentioned; That wouldn't happen to be the one starring Michael Praed (later replaced by Jason Connery)? I LOVED that series!
I watch nothing other than Whedon & Co. shows. Unless you cound some stuff on Animal Planet.

But I'm sticking with good ol' Joss til long after that fat #%&@$ starts howling. My duty as a Browncoat. I still have hope for Firefly. That light on Serenity's tail hasn't faded out yet!

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