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"You know I only have two of these outfits."
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July 20 2005

Trailer for The Crow: Wicked Prayer. This trailer for The Crow: Wicked Prayer (and some other movies) is pretty interesting. It does not show many scenes with DB, but it gives a glimpse.

run away now!!! before it steals your will to live.

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The production photos for this, you know - David with those clothes...

It just reminds me of high school drama days. I mean, come on - they could burst into the snoopy dance mid way through and it'd fit.
Am I the ONLY one that likes movies with people I like in them that have NO hope of being good?

I mean, hello, Pinata: Survival Island, anyone?
Am I the ONLY one that likes movies with people I like in them that have NO hope of being good?

Well being a Patrick Stewart fan, I own Lifeforce on DVD. Oh the shame ;).
I liked Lifeforce enough I bought the book, too.

And, yeah ... I didn't just get Pinata: Survival Island, I also got Psycho Beach Party, the latter being much more watchable than the first. I got Simply Irresistable for SMG, too.
I own Simply Irresistable and Wicked Prayer and I think that I may bury them together under the shed to hide my shame. On the positive side, SI is no longer the worst movie made by a cast member of Buffy.

p.s. at least SI cost me the same as it would've to rent it. WP cost a yuppie food coupon.

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Hey, zg, I don't like Simply Irresistible, but I think its awfulness pales in comparison to American Pie II (haven't seen III). Of course, Scooby-Doo 2 may win your award by virtue of having enticed two Buffy cast members to participate . . .
oh, good points there, SNT... I haven't watched Scooby-Doo or SD2... and now I'm afraid to. AP2 was not as bad as AP3, so you've been warned. Well, its not like I was rushing out to check the SD movies out anyway, right? :)

Thanks for the *snip* SNT :)

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