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July 20 2005

Kristen reports that the Spike DVD rumor is unfounded.

Well at least that was quick. No point letting people get their hopes up for too long...
Oh well, a lot of people have commented on what a good idea it is. Maybe they'll see the comments and give it some serious consideration.

You never know.
Highly doubting Fox cares about fans thoughts on their buisness practices, especaily in the tv department. Unfortunatly.

But yeah, at least Wanda re-checked her facts fast. Now on to the Smallville rumor.
It was a good idea back when ATS was canceled and it's a good idea for any future BTVS movie.
Eh! More good news. Now I'm left wondering what this new project is that JM has talked about recently. hmmm?
And this, my friends, is why I never get my hopes up. Don't get me wrong, a Spike movie would be a dream come true for me, as he's my absolute favorite character, but I doubt it's going to happen. I'll pretty much be happy with any role James takes on, as that man's acting ability is out of this world.
Eh! More good news. ....

So NYCHICK you're glad that there isn't a Buffyverse project ?
Well yes. If there is one right this minute or around the corner, I'm pretty sure Joss won't be all that involved and well, I'd much rather his focus on any movie involving the verse have his attention so yes, that's good news. Plus, at the moment, I'm all about 'Serenity' and want all Joss's focus on that. And oh yeah, there is that little fact that I'm not a spike fan.

James on Smallville would be great though.
Well all this actually says is that there won't be a Spike movie going straight to DVD. Not that there won't be a Spike movie.:)
That makes me so happy.
I think the point is dispite many rumors, there are no Spike or otherwise movies in this universe set to be done for awhile. Everyone is busy doing other things at the moment. I too look forward to Serinity, but more importantly WW.

I would rather Faith anyways. But nothing to say at the moment there either.

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I'd watch a Faith movie, I'd gladly watch any movie Joss chose to make...I'm not really big on the character hate. I even remember wanting a Robin Wood/Spike spinoff during season 7. Saying that, we know from recent chatter that Joss has spoken to both Amy and James about a movie and from the sounds of it, he must have shared a conversation with David Fury regarding it as well. I have no idea of what's in the works, I don't pretend to have my finger on the pulse of Hollywood or the networks. I just know as a fan I'm ready to revisit the buffyverse. I don't see the harm in staying hopeful:)
No harm ever. Everyone can wish and hope for whatever they want to see in whatever shape.

I don't hate Spike, that is way to much emotion to give to a fictional character. I am just not a fan. There are many other stories and characters I would rather see. Like Conner or Faith.

I was sad when ED turned down the spin-off, but if they had continued to write Faith they way they had in season 7, I am not sure I could have enjoyed her either. Ultimatly Tru Calling was the better chioce for her, and it gave her a chance to lead her own show. If only Fox had not...hmmm we tend to say that alot around here.=)

Seeing as Joss is busy at the moment, and even Fury said it would be after WW, I hope both Amy and James find good work. Especialy Amy, as it seems James has something lined up. ED too, though I have heard rumors she went back to school.

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If Joss decides he is ready to do something, I find it amazing that people would assume that it would take his focus from what they want him to be concentrating on. He is going to give focus to what he wants to give focus. He loves Serenity and it is his big break in movies. Nothing is going to distract him from that. At the same time, he is allowed a concentration break whenever he feels like it, doing whatever he feels like. I am interested to see what those things might be, even if one of them is about my least favorite character that he ever invented.

Gee, now I've got to think about who that would be. Yeah, I keep coming back to the same ones and they are pretty popular characters. Don't hate them, just don't enjoy a big helping of them. If Joss wanted to go with them though, I'd happily watch just to see what Joss did with them.

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I don't see the harm in staying hopeful:)

Neither do I. Though I think our hopeful outcomes are quite different.
The whole idea of "straight-to DVD" was very iffy. Aly could be probing the situation. She's a Spike movie lobbyist but she knows she must be dyplomatic about it.

Still, Kristin's quick reaction shows that she cares. Hopefully she'll bring us better news soon.
Go read the interview with Aly. The interview that mentions NB.

It is just her responding to a question. Sounds like she is just just repeating the latest she heard through the grapevine.
Thanks for the suggestion. I've read her interview - as well as her many other interviews. And I don't doubt that she's responding to a question. It's "the latest she heard" that intrigues me. When, where, under what circumstances? Could Alexis be involved? It's a fanwank, of course, but I love speculating about future Buffyverse projects.
Well, we already knew a Spike project wasn't "currently in the works", which is all Kristen is saying here.
Is it just me or do these rumours occur regularly possibly as a result of specualtion on JM comments?
Wasn't this one speculation on AH comments?

Course, you know we love our speculatin' no matter who gets it started.
I don't know buffbuff, it seems to me they keep cropping up because there's a variety of people other than James commenting on it. After all it was Amy that said Joss had called her up recently and asked if she were interested in a Spike/Illyria story. David Fury I believe also suggested that Joss was interested in a movie at some point....then you've had various quotes from Joss himself. I'm pretty sure JM's comments do get people speculating, but it does seem that Spike's name is consistently bantered about by 'those who might know' as being in whatever movie/whatever we finally get.

But speaking of JM's comments spurring on movie talk, it is interesting that even though he has said he would be in any big screen BTVS movie, it seems like there is this assumption amongst fans that Joss would only chose the characters of Buffy and Angel for a big screen release. So maybe it's not JM's comments so much as the fans chasing down what they want to hear?
As far as I can tell, the speculation is because Whedon fans abhor a vacuum. The Buffy/Angelverse is over for right now. Since James M is currently unattached to any specific project, he (and Eliza too to some extent) are the fairest game for speculation about all manner of TV, movies, etc. Which is all well and dandy, except that it begets even more speculation involving attempts by us fans to climb into the minds of the writers and actors, and to scrutinize more or less throwaway comments by TV pundits as if they were oracular pronouncements at Delphi.

ramses2, I haven't noticed the assumption amongst fans of which you speak that only Buffy and Angel are big-screen worthy. On this site, at least, I've seen pleas for every one of the major characters to be featured in some form.

Of course, since most of us fans have "different hopeful outcomes," to use nychick's phrase, we become personally invested in all this speculation . . . Such are the joys of fandom. :)
I want all the characters that are alive or undead, even ghosty Wes to be in a big screen movie. It makes me tingle at the thoughtof one day, walking into a theater to see Buffy,Angel, Faith and all the rest on screen.

But I agree for some time to come, the universe is in hybernation.

That's okay, it lets those great actors go out and make new, facinating characters for us to love as well.
SNT I always assumed it was because both DB and SMG have said that if the script was right they would be up for a big screen movie that some fans speculate that a big screen movie would feature just their story.(I don't think it's a matter of worthiness for most other characters, just fan hope in a particular story that doesn't account for very many others) It seems to me that all the other characters get mentioned for TV movies.....and most often Faith for a spinoff. I do think you're right that it all comes down to "different hopeful outcomes", I was just commenting on how many of our wishes appear to be driving what we want to hear. We clutch at straws and begin to build houses:)
Well both Buffy and Angel would be the leads of the movie. As they were the leads of their own shows. They lead the two universes. Buffyverse and Angelverse. Though it is really the Jossverse. That is why I think it is always called a Buffy/Angel movie. But everyone else would be there. You have to have them, or whats the point of going big?

Faith gets mentioned for the Spin-off because it is known she was intrested and so was the WB. The only reason it did not happen was she turned it down.

JM has said that unless SMG was involved, there would not be a big screen and that all he has ever been in talks to do was tv movie. Same with Amy and ASH. That is why tv movies is always connected to them.

I think there is not a fanbase out there that does not build houses or clutch at straws. Look how some jump everytime a vague rumor for a tv movie comes up only to have it turned back into rumor. I think all fans hear what they want to hear and then apply what others say to that. In the end, Only Joss matters. Him and Fox, when comes to actually doing more then just talk.

So until A spring comes, when hybernation is over, no one has to stop believing in anything.
Well both Buffy and Angel would be the leads of the movie. As they were the leads of their own shows. They lead the two universes. Buffyverse and Angelverse.

Just because Buffy and Angel were the leads of their shows, a point that no one can argue with, I don't see that it follows that any movie *must* be a Buffy and Angel movie. I happen to like both those characters very much, but I can easily imagine a movie based on any number of permutations of other characters. So I certainly don't agree that you "have to have them." Joss can write any character to be "big" if the mood takes him.
I am not saying Angel/ Buffy relationship wise, I am saying Angel/ Buffy as combining the two universe ergo an Angel/ Buffy movie. And I am only talking Big screen, not tv.

I think if there was a big screen it would give time to all characters to see their continued growth. For me that would be Faith, I am most intrested in, but I also am curious about how Xander is doing with one eye, If wills and kennedy stayed together....that sort of thing.

I don't think you could sell a big screen movie without Buffy(smg), as she is the most visable movie wise and where everything starts from.

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Totally agree with SNT on this. A lot of people had doubts about a show just about Angel working and look how great it turned out. Yes, it would be nice if SMG and DB were willing and able to do a big screen or small screen movie but if they aren't, I'm sure Joss would be able to write a great story about any of the other characters. Personally, I'd love to see more of Illyria as the main focus and supported by other characters. She was great with both Spike and Wesley, throw in Willow for her charm and smarts and just about any other character too. Any mix of characters that Joss decides to throw together would work for me. I loved Doyle on AtS and was upset when he was killed off and they were bringing in Wesley to replace him! Wesley, that fumbling fool!??! Well that fumbling fool became one of the strongest and most loved characters of the verse. Surprise me Joss - give us the unexpected!
I was typing while you posted FalenAnjil so just wanted to comment on your recent post. Yes, ideally it would be great if SMG was available for such a project but if she isn't it is not the end of any possible big screen movie. As I mentioned, I find Illyria fascinating and she is so new to the verse that Joss could do anything with that character. She is familiar enough that she would draw in the Buffyverse fans (and when I say Buffyverse I mean Angel as well) but she could also be the type of character that could draw in new fans as well. Not that I saw Daredevil or Electra but I had no real interested in the Daredevil movie but I thought Electra looked like it could be good. And I never cared for Hercules but loved it's spin-off Xena. So, I could definitely see new things coming from the Buffyverse without necessarily needing Buffy or Angel in the story.
I so agree with you about your Wes assumption. I was so mad when they killed Doyle and wanted to bring him in. Then I ended up crying harder for Wes, then Doyle.

I related so much to Wes. Infact because the writing of the Angel character tended to be up and down, Wes was, for me, the really only consistant characteraztion, I could understand from beginning to end on that show. I miss him.

Small screen I would love Faith, Conner, Illiyara, even Spike. Now there would be a group from hell if there ever was one? Ha! Talk about baggage there. But oh the fun. The discussions with those four would be priceless.

I look forward to whatever Joss gives, if he gives. Maybe after WW he will want to revisit Buffy, to continue his wemen kick ass theme???? Hope eternal right???=)

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I agree once agian. On your Xena/Hercules front( Xena rocked until her final ep). It was a much more enjoyable show.

I would not waste you time on Electra. And I say that with a heavy heart. I was so looking forward to it. Daredevil is ten times the movie. Not good.

I do think you would need Buffy to get a movie on the big screen. Or Angel. I am not sure you could draw the fans to the universe without your lead girl. I am not sure(being the number one Faith fan here)even faith could draw them in or 20th century would be intrested with out SMG. Even all the actors have said that to do big screen, Smg would have to be there. But that is only my thoughts.I totally see where you are coming from too.
I think rather than looking at who the leads 'were', one might want to wonder what Joss might say thematically in a future continuation of the it small or big screen. Sure Buffy and Angel were the leads of their shows but unless Joss is intent on a reunion movie, does it matter? I think Illyria would be irresistable for Joss...think of what he could say through her. He also ended both shows on very different messages, with very interesting things happening in many different characters lives. Like you Firely Flanatic, I'm willing to be suprised by Joss.

ETA: I do think a movie would be best served with Buffy in it, but I'm not sure the movie needs to focus solely on her.

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