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July 21 2005

(SPOILER) Aint It Cool News has review of Serenity Screening at Comic-Con. The review is described as fair, and by someone who has only seen the final cut, not the test screenings.

The review does have spoilers

He actually said he wouldn't work with Fox again? Is that new?
I've never heard that before, Simon. I'm sure he doesn't look forward to working with them again, but I'd be surprised if he made such a strong statement in public.

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Fox also owns Buffy, so if he did say that that would eliminate any and all Buffy movies.
20th Century Fox own Buffy, not the Fox channel (to which Joss was referring to).
Oh okay.

Who owns Serinity, Firefly? Universal???

Cool about WW taking up all his time, I am so excited about this movie. I can not wait till he finishes the script, so casting can begin.
I think Fox may own the rights to show Firefly as a series for the next 10 years (from the time it was cancelled). But I'm not sure. There has been some debate on that topic. Joss may own the intellectual property rights to Serenity. But I'm sure some one more informed than me will be able to tell you.
I think Universal bought the rights to Firefly from FOX (although Fox still has some control over the property, like a clause meaning no new show for a couple of years).

Actually Universal might own the rights to the movie and not the show...

Not sure.

Wait. I remember someone saying that Universal paid a small, but significant amount of money for the movie rights. I guess that means that they don't own the show.

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okay that is were I am confused.

Stay with me here. 20th century owns both Firefly and Buffy. At least show rights. Or does only 2oth century own Buffy and the tv station Fox owns Firefly? Are they not all owned by 20th century, the fox channel I mean? Joss here is saying he will not make another tv show, unless another network buys it, right. But why not just work with 20th century strait up.

So would another studio be able to buy the Buffy rights too?

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It always annoys me when a reviewer makes assumptions and judgements about what will or will not work for people who don't know anything about Firefly.

Decent review other than that.
I agree with DK...I keep making my John Kerry primary voter comparison. ("Well, I'd actually kinda like Clark or Dean, but they're too hip for the masses, let's go with John Kerry. He's sure to win!")

However, I kind of had the impression he might have actually dragged someone along. Or maybe he just took an imaginary girlfriend.

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Count me in your camp, DK and bobster. I am truly tired of the authorative second guessing. People seem so sure they know what has been done correctly and incorrectly in Serenity for massive groups of people other than themselves. I'm not saying I do, I don't. I saw it once and I had previously seen Firefly. I have suspicions about how the uninitiated will like it, but I don't know anymore than I think this reviewer and so many others do.

As we all know, there is a beautiful trick in writing, movie making etc. where perceptions change according to what the reader/viewer knows. When you see or read something with a twist ending that is carefully constructed it is the most obvious. The second time through you realize that what you were reading into the characters reactions was wrong and that there was an entirely different story going on. It can be truly amazing and wonderful.

Stories without a twist ending can still be constructed that way, however. It is usually much less obvious, and I think/hope that is the case with Serenity. Joss tried to make something that would be fun and interesting for both people who had and had not seen Firefly. My guess is that he never intended it to be the exact same experience for the two groups. I feel like a lot of people who know Firefly are not taking into account that people who have never watched Firefly do not have to totally "get" the characters or be told every detail of who they are. They just have to like the movie enough to tell people that it was good and they should go see it.

Thanks. I feel better now. ;-)
How many people watch a movie without knowing everything about the characters in it and then enjoy the film anyways? If this wasn't based on a tv show then there wouldn't be a question.
I third or fourth (?) being sick of the authoritative second guessing bit. It's a game I've engaged in myself after seeing Serenity, born out of my anxiety over box office returns. Ultimately, though, where does this speculation lead? By definition, there's no way a browncoat can know what Firefly newbies will think of Serenity - unless they are told. I found this review interesting to read as it comes from someone who loves Joss's work but is not hesitant to point out flaws when he perceives them. Good stuff. The speculation on the reaction of Firefly newbies, though? Blah. That space would have been better filled with other kinds of commentary. I'll wait to get my info on Firefly newbie reactions from *actual* Firefly newbies.

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