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January 24 2003

(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield speaks about the future for Anya at Zap2it.

There's also an excellent behind the scenes look at the press junket for her new movie 'Darkness Falls' at

The movie is getting middling to poor reviews but it could take the number one spot in America over the weekend.

I really don't understand the mindset behind Caulfield or Gellar. They get one or two motion pictures under their belt - flicks that it would be a far stretch to say were blockbusters - and suddenly they're too big for the little screen. They need to rabbit. They wanna find the bigger pond.

Haven't either of these women seen the countless other actors that have come before them? For every Tom Cruise (insanely successful) there's a thousand Tom Sellecks (moderately and respectfully successful but nothing major) and a hundred thousand names that no one would recognize.

Okay. So it's not about money. It's not about fame. They just wanna go after something new. Four to seven years of the same thing every year -- IT'S A STEADY PAYCHECK! Sheesh! What's wrong with these people? I'd kill or die to get a lead on a Whedon vehicle. I just don't understand these people.
Maybe they just don't want to be typecast, as simple as that.
I get itchy feet after two or three years in a job. (Uh. Hi boss... no, I intend to stay this time. Honest.)
Yeah, they shouldn't leave.... Steady paycheck, known name... Great job. Also, I'd miss Anya if she left... She's still my favourite.
while I would be gutted (as in disappointed!) if/when they decide to leave (and EC has obviously decided this is her time). I would also hate to think of them not enjoying the work anymore. If they don't enjoy what they're doing then that will translate onto the screen. So, I think I'd rather see them go on a high(ish) note rather than drag on and resent the show.

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