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July 21 2005

Vampire giveaway spurs record blood drive numbers. "The sudden rise in generosity can be largely attributed to Diamond Select Toys' offer of 500 limited edition Spike action figures."

Congrates Buffy fans. Great job!
I think Spike fans would probably be slightly more accurate. ;0) It is an excellent thing that they did. I have always admired blood donors, and always will. Calling them lifesavers is not stretching the point too much.
I don't think you had to be a Spike fan to want the toy or line up. As the toys were gone and people still lined up.

I agree about the lifesavers
I think its fair to say that Diamond Select knew the action figure they chose for the blood drive would make a great incentive.
I donate platelets about once a month and since it takes a little over 2 hours they have computers/DVD players to amuse you while you're being drained. Since I've been working my way through Buffy (again!) that's what I took with me yesterday. There's just something weirdly surreal about watching vampires as you have your blood draining out of your arm!
I tried to convince my friend that she needed to donate while she was out at ComiCon, but unfortunately it hadn't been long enough since her last donation & my plea of "But it's my birthday!" wasn't enough incentive for her to lie to them about her last donation date. :(
I had planned on donating anyway, but the Spike toy was a nice extra incentive. I signed up Thursday for a Sunday afternoon spot, because I knew I would be too busy with panels until then. By Saturday afternoon, the Spike toys were already gone.

I was mildly disappointed, but mostly I was happy that their blood drive had exceeded expectations so quickly.

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