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July 21 2005

Insidious Alyson Hannigan/Nick Brendon plot revealed! Their target? David Boreanaz or rather his car.

Oh for a picture of Aly and Nick toilet papering David's car.

I just love this tales, about them bumping into each other, and just busting each other chops.

It gives me a huge nostalgic feeling.

Wonder what he drives. And how he will get even.
Well I never knew that toilet papering was so popular it had its own acronym. And here I was thinking it meant tele port (probably to Pylea)
Man, how I want Nick to videotape the prank war and put it on his site.
Nick and Db were the pranksters before Db left for Angel. So I am sure they get very into it and have blast out doing each other.
I love this. The whole....tingly feeling in my stomach.

The old gang is all having a blast together.
Hahaha I hope they do lots of practical jokes to inform us of.
Oh dear god...when I read this, I burst out laughing. Willow and Xander TP-ing the Angelmobile? It's like something out of Buffy/Angel fanfic.
Reading it did bring a huge smile to my face and fond memories of watching Buffy. Good times.

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