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July 21 2005

Kristen from E! Online Has More on the Spike Movie and Smallville Rumors. Regarding the future of the Buffyverse, Alyson Hannigan thinks there's more of a future for the Angel crew. The WB rep says the new guest star on Smallville is not James.

How much more BS can the wb say about Joss? Thats not rhetorical.
okay here is my problem.

She put it up and then contradicts it. Says she checked and it was a no go. Which many of us already knew.

Now she says it sure seems like Aly knew something, yet basically she is aying what she already said and trying to make news by add ing the WB part. I still think it is the Wb trying to blame Joss, for their own mess up by saying he turned them down. But that is just my opinion.It is good to finally here from Fox(though through her) instead of rumors.

I do doubt her stuff on her Jm rumor. The Dean Cain thing is just to way out there. I do know this, some place had to sit on or take down their JM stuff because they got in trouble over letting things out. Why do that if he not on SV?

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You know.. I just don't know if Joss really did decline or not. It frightens me that I can actually believe it, considering he may have been pissed off at the time, and it's all about Serenity now.
The WB can say alot more bs about Joss apparently. It's just...ugh, that's all I have to say about this.
Hey, she is nicknamed "Wrongda" for a reason. I just thought I'd post the latest buzz. Plus, this Alyson quote seems to have some slight differences from the one we saw before.
She does try to cover all bases, you have to give her that. I have never seen aperson do so much on both side sof the fence, yet never really say anything.

I also doubt TW to direct three eps. That is alot for the main star.

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So it's crap then? That rumour about our beloved boss?? Cause I was like...WTF?? Then I thought if it is true, I wouldn't blame him. But it didn't seem to line up with what JM said when Rove interviewed him last year. Maybe they only offered a movie of the week if it starred SMG or DB? That I would understand, both only wanting to do Theatrical releases.

Wondering if the I heard there might be a spike movie and the direct to dvd is NOT related to each other.

Aly heard there might be a spike movie, well tvguide's AA told her that months ago. Then she says Joss has done alot of things and the last was a straight to dvd type. What if that thing to dvd was the cartoon pilot? Just a thought. They did finish it right?
I was thinking the same thing FalenAnjl. The comment from Alyson about "straight to dvd" isn't directly connected to the Spike movie in this quote - it could be referring to some other project.
The WB said to the press they were open to movie of the weeks but no one specifically called Joss about it.
The reason we don't have any Angel/Buffy right now is because Joss doesn't want to do it. I do believe that he got offered the movies of the week, but he was planning on ending Angel after the 6th season anyway. So I don't blame him. He wanted to finish it, so why would he start it all up again. And from the looks of it, Serenity is going to be a huge hit. So I guess I better start watching Firefly...
Since I can't figure out what or who to believe when it comes to the latest Angel rumor anymore, for the time being I'm choosing to disregard them all. I figure when Joss is ready get co-horty and jumpstart something with the 'verse, he himself or someone who's affiliated with him will let us know. Or else there will be definite signs. Hiring at Mutant Enemy would be a hint of production happenings afoot, for instance, but at the moment my understanding is that ME is just Joss. Despite his purported (and uncontested ;) celestial status, I seriously doubt he can engineer a project of such ambitious scale on his own.

I didn't quite get this comment by Alyson:

Turns out Alyson's character is based on producer Craig Thomas' real-life wife, and since they're both such big Buffy fans, "I think it's a little uncomfortable for her."

Uncomfortable for Craig's wife in what way? Because it's embarrassing to be outed by association as a Buffy geek on national TV? There are certainly worse (and far less fun) things to stand accused of. And here I was sort of hoping Alyson's character would get to bring a little of that Buffy obsession into the show. Can't you just see a little Oz action figure playing guitar on top of her iMac? Or a framed "Once More with Feeling" poster on her bedroom wall? Or a stack of Buffy DVDs sitting on the coffee table in front of her as she clambers up off the couch to answer the door, bleary-eyed and crunching popcorn-bowl escapees underfoot, after a late-night marathon? It's comedy gold, I tell ya! (And that subtle exposure of the series to potential new fans wouldn't hurt...)
I think they meant that it was embarrassing for Aly to be the recipient of tons of Buffy geek love at her new job?

I could be wrong but that's how I took it.
Huh. Well, getting a heapin' helpin' of Buffy geek love on the job sounds cool enough, but maybe that's just me. Unless it results in her car getting TP'd, of course ;)
Well it seems thay Julie Benz didn't mind an Angel fan by the name of Steven Spielberg offering her a job, because he had liked the character of Darla. I don't think the actors mind anything that gives them an advantage to get a job.

As for the Dean Cain thing - sounds like it is right up their alley. Didn't Christopher Reeve guest star on the show not long before he passed away?

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Yes, Chrisotpher Reeve did do a guest spot on Smallville shortly before he passed away. I still say Dean Cain was the best superman. I used to love "The New Adventures of Superman: Lois & Clark"
I so agree. I think it is the love intrest for Lana part that is weird. The CR character was supposed to be a tribute to the orignal Superman. The old theme music even played in the background. He was the one who original told Clark his kryptonian name of Kal-el.
I feel kinda bad for Christopher Gorham. He's hasn't yet found a lasting gig. I guess as long as he's getting a steady paycheque and able to support his wife and kids he's cool with it, especially getting to play a different role every year. I'm pretty sure the first thing I saw him in was "I Only Have Eyes For You" as the teacher-loving/killing James, but he was great in his guest spots on Felicity as well. And I really started to fall for Jake 2.0, it was a great little series. Still need to see the four unaired eps for that. I thought Medical Investigation was horrible. I watched two episodes of it just 'cause of Gorham and the lead blonde guy (he was in the excellent HBO limited series Band of Brothers and I had just come off a DVD marathon of that last summer before the fall premieres). I know Gorham was in a well-liked, short-lived cult sci-fi series called Odyssey 5 as well. I know I'll need to rent those two seasons of Popular eventually, I hear it's a smartly written teen show that's fun and funny. Being the first TV series creation of Ryan Nip/Tuck Murphy helps its credibility as well.
I'm bored with the WB and their comments about the Buffyverse movies. Either come out and say we have definite plans to make them or just say sorry we're not interested. These half arsed comments are purely done to make themselves look good and throw a tiny morsel to the fandom.

Anyhow James Marsters playing Brainiac on Smallville. Unconfirmed rumours say it's happening. We will find out today if they're true.
Agreed Simon, some truth would be welcomed.
Turns out Alyson's character is based on producer Craig Thomas' real-life wife, and since they're both such big Buffy fans, "I think it's a little uncomfortable for her."

I'm not sure this is Alyson speaking. It may be Craig Thomas saying Alyson might be a little uncomfortable because he and his wife are such big Buffy fans.
We will find out today if they're true.

What's the TCA, and is that where we find out today?
The TCA is the Television Critics Association. Twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer, they have a press tour of all the networks offerings for the coming season. We will most likely find out from press reports from the media attending the event.

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