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July 21 2005

For those of you dissatisfied with the BDM poster... A completely unofficial, yet equally amusing site containing some "retro posters" advertising the BDM.

I personally adore the third one :)

That reminds me of a question I never understood..

Who are the six rebels on the run? Theres nine of them, and the only two I would be able to take out are Inara and Book. Even then, its still seven.
I don't think River is counted.
This is a trip seeing these on Whedonesque. The WANTED posters were an effort by a poster named "Tiger" over on and me giving design hints.

And the very first one shown I fell immediately in love with (the blue) and got a shirt made off of CafePress before they became wise. The original artwork belongs to another Browncoat who's name escapes me, but Tiger did the manip on the poster. I haven't seen him on in months. I don't even know if he knows these are being shown about.

We have them on our Bedroom doors the Wanted ones. We got them given to us at our Browncoats Down Under Sydney Shindig.That's pretty neat.
Those posters are indeed neat-o.

As for the "six rebels on the run," why wouldn't River be counted, eddy? She's the most wanted fugitive on-the-run person of them all, isn't she? The word "rebels" is misleading. Only Mal and Zoe had official ties to the rebel Browncoats. So who are these six and what are they rebelling against?

Any attempts to answer the above questions would involve Serenity spoilers, so I shall stop now. But I'm damn curious. The "six rebels on the run" line has always bothered me.

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I love those posters!
Personally, I would omit Wash from the fugitives. Although I have seen the movie, this is not spoilerish at all. Simply from the show, Wash is only the get away man, and not actually "technically" doing the crime bit. I could be totally wrong, but this has always been my take on it.
Sure, they'd never arrest Wash if they were boarded. He can always tell them he was flying the ship by accident...:)
...or that he was suddenly and inevitably betrayed...
Hob, thank you for answering what we were all thinking anyway. And nice screen name. =)

Okay, of the nine:

Inara and Book are respectable. River and Simon are fugitives, obviously. Mal, Zoe, and Jayne are all muscle on their jobs. And Wash is the getaway man, obvious charges there. So, that would make Kaylee the Witch King.

Wait, wrong Nine. Sorry, that would make Kaylee the last non-Fugitive. Which makes sense, in a way. She's not out on jobs, she's just the tech. Ain't her fault what they do with the ship, she just has to keep it flying.
It makes sense... you don't count Inara and Book as they are not on the ship - what the US trailer says is "Six rebels on the run" and "A passenger with a past" - which makes it seven people on the ship in total

The International trailer makes a big slip-up, with the text counting River as one of the six rebels
I hate to be the party poop, but I don't like these posters. If I saw them as advertisements for the movie and I didn't know anything about it, I would have totally ignored the movie. I don't like Westerns and I don't like blatant machismo, and these posters exude something of both.
Actually, I think the posters are rather brilliant pastiches of Hollywood posters from various eras.

A very nice and affectionate tribute to Serenity, I thought.

The one with Mal as William S. Hart was particularly nicely done -- just looks perfect. (On Nathan, that hat looks great. :-) )
Agree, bookrats, the one of Mal riding in on a white horse to save the day is simply hilarious. Not a hint of space themes on it anywhere.

And agree with Nebula that if any of these were used as advertisements, they wouldn't work. But that's not the point....
Mal, Jayne, Inara, Zoe, Wash, Kaylee are the rebels to me. Book is not a smuggler and Simon and River are also just passengers. That's the way I figured it.
Oh yeah, I love them. This is what a Serenity poster should look like.
Accidently posted the same thing twice. Sorry 'bout that.

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I've got a t-shirt of the first one.

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