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July 22 2005

"Mal's Song" Fan Vid: "I loved the song so much I created a music video for it." Jeremy from puts video to Michelle Dockrey's song, which uses the Firefly theme as the chorus.

From Jeremy at

"In case you missed it a couple of weeks ago, Michelle Dockrey and her filk trio "Escape Key" created an amazing tribute song to Firefly called "Mal's Song". I loved the song so much I created a music video for it. With her permission I can now make it available. Since the video is very large (48MB), I decided to give my server a break this time and put it up via bittorrent."

TORRENT - Requires Quicktime 7.

OK I'm DL as we speak and will most def re-seed it.
Damnit. I couldn't get it to play properly, not even with VLC.
Very cool. It played fine for me with May-ish CVS version of mplayer.
It's telling me I'm missing something to play it. Can't tell me what I'm missing, though, which is rather useless..
I'm having problems playing it too.
It's a QuickTime movie encoded with H.264 and AAC audio. Though you may have some luck with VLC or mPlayer. If you simply download QuickTime 7 from Apple's site, it will play back great. I promise.
ETA: NEVER MIND Found the little windows link on the QT page.

Jeremy... If I am not mistaken, QT7 is Mac only. I have QT6.5 for windows and it won't play. :( Are you going to release a Windows version?

[ edited by SpookyRiverFan on 2005-07-22 18:09 ]
Yeah, I can't play it either.
I had to download Quicktime 7 and it played great. That song is awesome, and Jeremy did a fantastic job with the video!

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