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July 22 2005

Serenity Trailer hits Australian Cinemas next Thursday. "Browncoats, The official trailer for 'Serenity' can be seen in selected cinemas nationwide as of Thursday the 28th of July. We trust you'll enjoy another sneak-peek at the film. UIP Australia".

That's the whole message so you don't really need to click on the link. Although it's a nice site to have a look around in.

The Island comes out on July 28 in Australia. Is it to much to expect that it will be attached to The Island? Will UIP do something logical like actually attach it to a high profile sci-fi film in it's opening week or will they follow Universal's example and wait for a films popularity to die down before they attach it?
I rekon they'll attach it too anything they have coming out. They're ready to just bombard Oz with the BDM promotions. I'll def go to see The Island next week, just to see the trailer.

Such as when Universal attached it to nearly every print of Land of the Dead, for example...

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