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July 22 2005

Another upcoming international Serenity trailer due online in September, along with 5 minutes of movie footage.

UIP have released the media schedule for Serenity, and it is shiny. One thing for sure now - the movie isn't moving forward as had been suggested, at least in the UK. Additionally, "action footage" will be released online at the same time, whatever that means.

Apologies to whoever changed the URL, it was linked back to a site I own which is my bad.
gossi – I may be incredibly dense today but I don’t understand what you are saying.

What do you mean by ‘media schedule’? Are you refering to the PR campaign in the UK? And what do you mean by ‘the movie isn’t moving forward as suggested’?

Would you please be kind enough to elaborate a bit more.
Apologies, my brain is mashed today. The company which is handling Serenity's UK online presence has released the following schedule for Serenity:

2nd International Serenity trailer:
W/c 5th September

Blaggers Guide to Serenity:
W/c 12th September

Merchadise/DVD competitions:
W/c 12th September

Five Minutes of Footage:
W/c 12th September

Action clip:
W/c 19th September

Joss Whedon biography feature:
W/c 19th September

Release week:
W/c 3rd October

There was a rumour Serenity may be moving forward in terms of release date - this, however, does not now appear to be true, at least in the UK.
Ah an international trailer, I've amended your headline accordingly. The blagger's guide etc how will these be released? On the UIP UK site? I assume.
Don't know, Simon. I'm trying not to bother UIP too much at the moment about Serenity as they are in the middle of doing some very important media things with the film (which have gone very much in our favour, being all vague).
Does anyone know when Universal is going to update the official website and give us a new hi-res US trailer? Anybody?
Ta gossi, we appreciate you giving us a heads up about the UK schedule.

Zoic_Fan I imagine we see a major revamp of the website soon, might not get a new trailer but there will be TV spots put online (I hope).
No idea of Universals plans unfortunately.

Also, might as well put in here rather than start a new story, but UIP have just told me TRL and MTV Screenplay are now going to air the trailer THIS friday, so we should be able to rip it for uber high quality then.
Is that today then? Proper full screen quality trailer today?

Glad to know this film is really going to be promoted in the UK, I really was quite worried that it would be a very quiet thing, that would sneak into cinemas without anyong ever hearing about it, and then leave the next week. Seems not.
By the way, that international trailer (previously posted), in high res, is really quite good. My wife, a stern critic, gave it a rave.
Grrrr TRL didn't show the whole trailer.

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