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January 24 2003

"Darkness Falls... on it's Face," says one critic. Very little praise has amounted from Emma Caulfield's latest movie, "Darkness Falls."

Jonathan Foreman of the New York Post says the film "could just as well have been titled 'Dumb Then Dumber' for the way its plot makes decreasing sense even by the low standards of B horror flicks."
One reviewer (Jon Popick of Planet Sick-Boy) has even called Darkness Falls "even worse than Kangaroo Jack."
Ouch! That's harsh.

[sarcasm] Yeah but will it make Emma Caulfield a household name? That's the important thing. [/sarcasm]
" long as crap makes money, studios will continue to make crap."
All these criticisms do is encourage the demographic that this movie is aimed at. It encourages them to watch it.
"Stay in the light. When the lights are on, after all, this movie won't be shown."
Anyone under 40 knows that if a critic says something's bad, you have to see it. If nothing more than out of principle: to prove the columnists wrong.
"The only scary thing about this movie would be the price of any admission to go see it."
However, this same demographic that the film aims at doesn't have the kinda money to go see every movie that makes it to a movie theater. Most of them hold out for stuff like Lord of the Rings and X-Men2.
"A dreary exercise in cheap shocks aimed at kids."
Darkness Falls will make good money in video rentals. That's probably why it was made.
An evil tooth fairy bent on killing children in the darkness? And they said Evil Dead had a flimsy plot...
I saw Darkness Falls tonight. The fact that Emma Caulfield had a starring role in a Hollywood movie is admirable. However, the film itself was quite terrible. Here's hoping her next role is in a better movie.
I just saw the film tonight, and I'm glad I didn't pay anything to see it. The film itself is maybe Jeepers Creepers-level quality; thin plot, sloppy editing, etc. Emma Caulfield does pretty well with the material she's been given, but most of it entails running around and screaming. I think Arnold had more lines in The Terminator. I really hope this film doesn't haunt her future prospects, as she's clearly better than this film would suggest. And I don't think that's true of anyone else in the movie. Except maybe the child actors, because they' know, just kids.
I read somewhere that originally the movie was going to be R rated, if this was the case then targeting this movie at a teen audience was a bad idea.

Good horror movies, by their very nature, are terrifying and not for young minds. Best horror movie I have seen in years was Event Horizon *has flashback to being terrified by Sam Neil's eyes*.

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