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July 22 2005

Estimated sales figures for Angel: The Curse #1. The comic book debuted at #152 in the top 300 books for June selling an estimated 15,200 copies. For a book that wasn't released by Marvel or D.C., that's not too bad really.

I know it doesn't look like spectacular sales figures but factor in the higher than average cover price, that it's released by an independent and the massive summer hype by Marvel and DC for their comic books, I'd say IDW would be fairly happy with those figures.

As Newsarama notes elswhere:

IDW had a nice month-to-month jump buoyed by Angel The Curse #1 (#152), moving from 0.80% Unit and 1.09% Dollar to 1.35% and 1.86%, a significant relative percentage increase for them.

What would be interesting is to compare the sales of the IDW comic book to those of the Buffy books and the comic books released by Dark Horse.

I just brought issue 1 and 2 yesterday, I like the varient cover artworks, had a few to choose from.

Quite enjoyed my read of issue 1 as well. Good to see it doing well.
Not bad, and not all of us have purchased our copies yet. So, they'll be selling more!
How long does it usually take before trade paperbacks are released? I'm not a big comic person, but I make an exception for Whedonverse projects, but I prefer being able to buy the complete story in a book as opposed to having to hunt down the issues seperately. I am interested in trying to get trade paperbacks of the Angel and Spike comics, and Serenity.
You might see the Angel TPB released before Xmas. But that's just a guess. I don't actually if the Spike comics would be collected in TPB seeing as they are individual one-shots.
I still need to buy them too. Maybe this saturday.
Yes, they will be puting all three of the Spike one-shots into a TPB, That the whole reason they are doing three, so to put them in on.

Simon is right, you will see the first mini most likely around the nov/dec.
There are three Spike one-shots now? I've only heard of two, plus a possible Spike Mini. Kewl.
There will be a third, which I think is the mini, but condensed into one book. This will be announced after the one-shot of Spike finally goes on sale in August.

Then all three will be put into a TPB. After the third is done, they will move on to someone else for a new on-shot. So speak up and let them know who else you would like. Who else has a popular fanbase that is not Spike or Angel. Remember, as of now, no buffyverse, Faith or Dru, so it has to be from the Angel side of the force.

Provided everything sells well with all of these one-shots. They(the one-shots) are more expensive, so more need to be bought.
Awww, they don't have the rights to use Faith. That's too bad. I'd like an Illyria one.
I thought they did have the rights to use Faith since she crossed over between both shows constantly?
No. She had her own mini a few years back. So they bought her rights. Now for her to be in anything IDW does, Darkhorse either has to give permissionor they have to wait till next year.

What about the TV rights? I'm assuming that because Angel started on the WB when Buffy was still there, it was no problem for them to use Angel and Cordelia as well as guest appearances by Buffy, Oz, Spike and Faith? Same for season two of Angel and five of Buffy, which allowed Angel to appear in "Forever" and Willow showing up in "Theres No Place Like Plz Glrb" as well as the Angel/Spike/Dru/Darla flashbacks.

So that's why there were quite a lot of crossovers in the first two seasons of Angel but fewer in the subsequent seasons. They did manage to get Angel into "Empty Places" and "Chosen", and Willow in "Orpheus", but how did they manage Faith's stint on both shows? I know they had to get special permission for Angel and Willow because they were regulars on the other shows, but who did Faith technically belong to?

I'm assuming that it must be the actors rather than the characters. If David Boreanaz is contracted to Angel, then they had to get special permission for him to appear on Buffy. Whereas Eliza wasn't a regular castmember so she could do guest appearances on both shows. I imagine if both shows had have stayed on the same network somehow, we might have seen more crossovers of the main characters as there would be fewer problems with them appearing on a show on the same network.

However I am very glad to hear that all three of the series I mentioned should be appearing in trade paperback. I can look forward to Serenity in the autumn and then the TPBs in the winter and spring!

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