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July 22 2005 loves Serenity. "The writing is impeccable, the chemistry among the cast is fantastic, the performances are great, and the action is non-stop". The first review of sorts from a Universal press event?

great mini review!
Good little piece, but I definitely disagree with his notion that Serenity is just a "treat for the fans" and that non-fans won't get excited about it. (as we have dicussed ad nauseum, yet another fan declaring how a non-fan will experience Serenity).

I saw the final movie at the Comic Con screening and brought a complete newbie with me. Never heard a thing about Firefly. He was astonished and thrilled by the movie and bought the series on DVD the next day. Now he won't stop talking about it.

I think that Serenity will spawn a whole new generation of Firefly fans.
Simon I would assume the reviewer was at the Melbourne Screening last thursday night. I was hoping there would be some press there, so thats good!

I agree with SaltyGoodness, I really think we've got a whole lot more Serenity/Joss/Firefly fans coming our way.

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