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July 22 2005

Michelle Trachtenberg Back on TV. A TV Guide interview interview with Trachtenberg about The Dive from Clausen's Pier, and life after Buffy.

Also mentioned is Sean Maher, who is co-starring.

"I have friends who are writers and directors who went to Comic-Con last weekend, and when they came back they said, 'Oh, my god, everyone was still talking about Buffy!'" she relates. "That's all very nice and flattering, but once I do a character and it's a success, I'm like, 'That's awesome, thank you. Watch my next one.' I get bored way too easily. I don't have time to stop and remember what I did before just to do it again."

This comment struck me wrong. Is that an attempt at being humble?
I think she is just saying that she does not want to live (or her career to live) in the past. Once she does something she is looking forward to what is next. She is not interested in repeating herself.
Heh! I saw the trailer for The Dive from Clausen's Pier. Simon and Dawn have sex! Weird fandom mix-up. Someone really should write bad crossover fanfic.

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Simon and Dawn have sex!

Scary. There should be a continuity watch board for casting.
“This comment struck me wrong. Is that an attempt at being humble?”

She’s made other comments that could be interpreted as her being slightly unaware of how lucky she was to be a part of something like ‘Buffy’. I totally understand any actor’s need not to be remembered for only one character or not to play the same type of character over and over, I just wish it didn’t always seem like she’s so eager to distance herself from the show. Move on, sure, but with a little more graciousness.
Actually this rubbed me the wrong way more than anything else: "Sometimes it's necessary to be selfish," the actress adds, acknowledging Carrie's possibly unpopular decision. "You can't always be responsible. You sometimes have to think about what's better for you."
Maybe it's just the way I was raised, but I don't think it's ever really "necessary" to be selfish.
I think Michelle *can* say it because she's been lucky enough to find plenty work. If she had a hard time finding jobs she wouldn't be saying 'watch my next one'.

Who knows, maybe her experience working on BtVS wasn't as great as our experience watching it.
Again, I prefer attitudes of Alyson, James, Nick and other cast members who actually seem to appreciate their time on Buffy and are even nostalgic about it. We haven't moved on, but I'm sure we all have started watching other shows that we love now as well, right? Er... I guess the point is, we'd like to see the people behind the characters we love to be as passionate about the show as we are. I know I would, and it gives me warm fuzzies when those guys gush about us as fans, and how they'd love to jump back into the role for us. To say, "Hey Buffy fans, you liked me in Buffy as the little sister, watch me strip down to my bare scuddies and shag half the planet and you'll like it just as much coz it's me" leaves me kind of cold. The cool thing about us as a fanbase is, we don't just love the actors too, we obsess about the writers, producers, directors, hell - even the composers. I wanna hang out with the Serenity Best Boy and Gaffer. Wouldn't it suck mightily if Joss came out and said "Guys, get over Buffy. I want you all to stop talking about Buffy now, because I'm making Wonder Woman, so that's all I want to talk about!"

I think Michelle did a passable job on Buffy, but her portrayal never really grabbed me, so I'm unlikely to follow her along her path.

This is a lot of opinions huh? Not like me. I might just go back to my civilized disco.
I think Caroline is right - Michelle has been lucky to have some success after her time on BtVS, if that wasn't the case she might realize how good she had it. She's still very young and has a lot of maturing to do but she should be aware that comments like that can alienate her BtVS fan base who are also probably a lot of the people tuning in to see her in her new roles.

I thought The Grudge was a good movie, certainly not Oscar worthy but good. I most likely would not have gone and seen it if SMG had not been in it and SMG is smart enough to know to go after her own fan base to get them to come see her films. It's just good business to embrace your fans and not be so dismissive of a character on a show that a lot of your fans loved.

Edited to comment on Carolines last thought that maybe Michelle's experience on BtVS wasn't as good as we all think. That could be true. She came into the show well after it had been established and had a pretty good career leading up to it. Maybe she feels a bit annoyed that no one talks about her work before Buffy and she wants to be recognized for more than just being Buffy's kid sister. Again, she's young and maybe a bit sensitive about things but she still should try and curb those types of comments that sound a bit dismissive of BtVS.

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