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July 22 2005

Comic-Con: It's Whedon's show, but Fillion steals it. A humorous blog entry about the Serenity Comic-Con panel.

Focuses heavily on Nathan... which isn't a bad thing :)

I got some decent pictures of the Serenity panel at Comic-Con up on our site (including a bit of Nathan Fillion's "audition" for Wonder Woman) and a few of the Browncoats booth (the Ethel Merman of booths, in Joss' words!) if anyone's interested:
(In the spirit of full disclosure, my pics are being hosted on my wife's shiny little Serenity/Browncoat shop, but the pictures of the Serenity panel are free for all to enjoy).

Mycroft, is your nickname from the Quinn Fawcett books about Mycroft Holmes? Just curious.

Great Pictures, Rhett!

Joss was right. That is the Ethel Merman of booths! :)

No, my nickname is from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein.
I am so envious! Our Fan Table at SFX in Toronto won't be that shiny! Of course, it is only our first time.
Rhett, those pics are great. And it's nice to see a good amount of Sean Maher pics. As far as the Firefly men go when the whole cast is together, he often seems to get looked over in favor of people taking massive amounts of Nathan and Adam pics (which are also much appreciated, I just don't feel like I've seen enough of Sean after).
Thanks. I was trying to get a decent amount of everyone since I loaded up on Nathan pics early on at the request of my wife. Sean is great, but I think because he's quieter than Nathan, Joss and Adam, he gets overlooked. Which is funny, because I don't think you could take a bad picture of him... or any of them, really. Glad you enjoyed them.
Those pictures are great, Rhett, thanks. I wish I lived in America so I could go to conventions and stuff.

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