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July 22 2005

James Marsters' New Role... He is Brainiac on Smallville! 1st ep 5-4 October 13.


Here is what the producers say about him: "A new villain will be introduced in Season 5 that will even give Lionel Luthor pause."

And since LL is one evil man, that means Brainiac is going to be as evil as they come!

I wonder how Kristen is going to explain how she got that one wrong! LOL! Congrats James!
F*ck. Now I have to watch the gorram show.

Oh, and congrats to James. It's just not something I'm excited about watching.
I'd love to see James interacting with Smallville's Lois (Erica Durance). Snarkathon!

Smallville is a terribly guilty pleasure, and I hope that JM will be able to rise above the material. Which I'm fairly sure he will.

That is all.
Kristen will back track as usual and say she was helping cover it up so it could be a surprise!


Smallville should get very good this season. It's rating for the last few years are about the same as Angel got. But the stories this season will include Lex and Clark finding their destinies, Lois and Clark, Lana/clark/chloe, Lex and Now we have Brainiac to toally bring out the man/boy of steel. I am very excited.

You are so right about ED(lois). She nad Brianiac would be a funn little converstaion to watch as they out logic each other and piss each other off. Godknows how many scenes, this lana-obsessed show will force between him and her.

Though if he only stay in the Fortress of Solitude, he may only minuplate Clark, while doing his own tak eover plan. Hmmmmm

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Uhn.....a villain on Smallville. It beats Cordy's role on Charmed I suppose but....I can't stand the 'pouty-lips' Clark of this show. Well besides Luthor I can't stand most of the rest of the show.

Well, since most of the SV cast have only 2 facial expressions, James will stick out even more as an actor. Braniac....wonder if he's going to be a robot or not.
Brainiac is the shit. I bet James will look good in purple.
He looked good in purple on Andromeda! ;)
I'm excited to see JM back on my tv screen.
I'm glad he has steady work and I hope the role is one he can, um, sink his teeth into. I'll ask him when he comes to Toronto in a month.[she says nonchalantly]
Well, since most of the SV cast have only 2 facial expressions, James will stick out even more as an actor.

OMG, we must be one person, I posted almost that exact thing on my LJ just now...creepy!!
Not green. Not bald. I would still bet robotic. But Smallville has it's own take on all these people in Superman's history.

-Krypto is now a irish sutter named Shelby

-Mytlplick(sp) was basically a nerd.

-He has met both Perry White and Lois lane way before Metroplolis and the planet.

-Lex and him have grown up friends/advisories.

- kara(supergirl) was some clone created by his father to intice him to be take over the world.

So who knows who Brianiac will be but evil. everything else is up in the air.

ETA: I love that Tom is going to be there. I know they have been trying for years to get him. I can't wait to see him and Bo Kent(as his callad on the boards) share scenes.

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F*ck. Now I have to watch the gorram show.

Oh, and congrats to James. It's just not something I'm excited about watching.
Angela | July 22, 21:34 CET

My sentiments exactly. Actually, I used to like Smallville but it jumped the shark a season or two ago and I haven't looked back.

But I WILL have to give Marster's approach to Brainiac a looksee, despite my misgivings about the rest of the show.
Similiar thought as others, I haven't had a reason to watch the show until now. Oh could be worse. It could be Charmed.
Same as Angela, ZachsMind and two_guns.
time to catch up on Smallville * digs out library ticket and goes to investigate*

and congratulations to James

As a self confessed geek this role will be a lot of fun for him to play with plus established fanbase with a good, strong internet community

and Bless Wrongda

reliable as ever
Well, I'm going to say that I like the show, and know a lot of people who love it . Now that James is going to be on it, I might actually love the show. (Note: I hate Lana and Jonathan Kent, and TW - who has improved - still needs to take acting lessons - but he might learn something from James.)
You don't need to catch up debw. They ignore their continuity half the time. ex. A recurring character died last season and was never mentioned again.

TW has always needed acting lessons. Though, I have to say I find his and Lois's scenes very well done, compares to the Lana/clark mush ball that is thrown into every ep.

I love Jonathon Kent, but then again that may be the man and not the charcter. Hmmm.

I am a huge Superman fan, so I have tried to love it, but there are some times thier stories border(all of last season)on lunacy and an obsession with Lana.
I wish he could have landed something better, because I am definitely not a fan of Smallville -- even before I began to boycott the WB. But, joining everyone else, at least it isn't Charmed.

Congrats to JM.
Very excited about James' new role! Can't wait to see him again. Does anyone have any word yet which ep will introduce him?
Does this mean his has to die his hair black now??? Did we learn nothing from "Why We Fight"? Also wasn't he suppose to have black hair as Spike as first but no one liked it?
Excellent, though scince I've only watched this show on DVD I'll have to wait over a year to see take it in.

Poor James, so much hair product can't be fun
Is this a joke?
Later today all the rest of the questions/answers will be known. The SV panel in not for another hour or so.

So far he is not mentioned in spoilers for eps 1-3. I say sweeps.
Cool for James but it still wont make me watch! *sighs*
Oh, what I suffer for that man! The only thing that would make it bearable for me is his having scenes with John Glover.
LOL! Well, here's the latest from Wrongda:

Two questions regarding the Whedonverse:

1. Re: An Angel movie, they say … David’s doing a movie on Fox. Would be difficult to get him.

2. Re: a Spike movie … (going off my memory)
"We’d love to do a movie with Joss. He’s been busy with Wonder Woman but if James and Joss are into it we're totally into it too."

And they’re going to announce the big name guest star for Smallville after lunch. Stay posted!

I do love Kristen though. She certainly tries to do right by Whedonverse fans.
My two cents on the Marsters is Brainiac news...

I don't think he'll be the original Brainiac from the comics, the robotic intelligence in humanoid form. The producers may go for a later interpretation of Brainiac: he could be an ordinary man who's infected by the artificial intelligence of an alien planet--mainly, Krypton. (Because JM in green skin and purple jumpsuit? No.

Could be interesting, but I have no faith in the Smallville showrunners, who have stomped every good idea (even their own good ideas) into the ground as the series has progressed (regressed?).

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Hell. If I watched "The Mountain" to see James, this is going to be like a piece of heaven for me!

I don't remember which character died last season (was is the guy who died as Boone on "Lost"?), but the show has no more continuity errors than most. And it's leaps and bounds and worlds ahead of "Charmed" even with the Lana crap in it.

And as far as James's hair goes, the classic Brainiac had no hair. They may choose to go that route. I could see James getting into shaving his head, given he's taken to a buzz cut (cringe) and all. Or they may remake Brainiac altogether. Brainiac 5 (from the Legion of Superheroes) was a blonde, and wore his hair much like Spike's. They could go that way, too.
I met the guy who runs Kryptonsite at Comic-Con. Totally awesome dude. Nearly convinced me to watch the show this upcoming season... this might just put me over.

Viva la Marsters!
If anyone wants to catch up on the show, I'd suggest watching just this past season. Lois has been the only halfway Whedon-worthy character and she only showed up last year. There are some good episodes in earlier seasons, but they are few and far between and aren't really leavened by humor.
They don't want to have this be Spike on Smallville, so they will go out of their way to not do anything that would assocaite fans with Spike instead of Smallville.

As for wanda, well Db is doing a TV show on Fox, not a movie. He has also only said big screen, so it's not that 20th century(the ones who own Buffy) could not get him, if they wants a movie.

Sounds like more of the same on the other movie stuff. Passing the blames, "gee we did not know they were intrested." How did that happen? Actaually sounds like she keeps working Aly's quote and the one she got form the WB/ fox people. Honey, quite well you ahead..or with Wrongda behind.
I actually watch Smallville 'cause my bf does, and am not overly impressed with the show or overly thrilled with the news that JM will be on it...but I did have a thought that gave me an (evil) happy - if JM's character is responsible for Lana's death or permanent banishment from Smallville, I will love him forever ;).

Hmm that didn't quite come out right - I'm a big Spike and JM fan, to be clear. I just don't have a particularly high regard for the show, even if at least I don't have to watch a new show to catch him in his new role. Congrats to him on his new role though!

If Smallville runs true to form, whatever powers Brainiac has will come from meteor rock. B/c meteor rock/kryptonite can do ANYTHING. Then again, Smallville has always had great potential - maybe they'll actually fill it this year. *puts positive thinking hat on*

Incidentally, JM has been growing out his hair so I don't think he'll be playing the role with a shaved head...
at least it isn't Charmed

This will the the mantra I use everytime I turn on Smallville next season....
Heh -- at this point, I'm convinced the only way we'll ever get to the bottom of the TV movie buck-passing is with a full-blown congressional investigation.

I do like the idea of a Milton Fine/Brainiac angle, with Milton fighting against Brainiac's evil control. And hot pink tights? . . . wouldn't stop me from watching ;-)
You could not pay me to watch Smallville again. It's awful. Just awful. It has a lead that can not act and a love interest that is bland beyond belief. About the only good thing is Lex and that's not saying much. The early seasons ripped off Buffy to such an extent I'm surprised Joss didn't sue. There's very few TV shows that really annoy me and Smallville is one of them.
"Tv movie Buck-passing"

I love it! But, can you say it three times fast while on one foot?
Didn't James say on Rove (or somewhere) he was growing his hair out for a role? If so, it leads me to believe he will not be bald and I doubt he'll be green either.
I was already spoiled for this yesterday but I think it would nice to put a spoiler tag on this entry and take the actual spoiler out of the heading.
More from Kristen

Just found out. Official. James Marsters IS on Smallville.

Can't believe I was straight out LIED TO by a rep at the WB, but thrilled he's on the show.

more coming ...

Like that has NEVER happened to her before.....hmmmmm.

I think we know everyhting and probably more then she does by this point. But it is good for a laugh.
Also, Tom Welling *can* act...errr, sometimes. He was particularly great in "Transference", the episode in which Lionel took over his body.

I wonder why he looks so blank and dumb the rest of the time.
The lipstick they use to keep his lips that lovely rose red.=P

That was funny ep, but more because of the premise then his acting.

Was just rereading some spoilers and one of them for the third ep talks about how this new metor show they just had, left ten times the rock then the first. In SV, everyone gets affected, so I would assume this is how Brainiac comes into being.

Maybe a scientist at Luthor Corp, who is working on the black alien craft and somehow gets iinfected with the rock at the same time interfacing with the kryptonian space craft?????Maybe???

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Tom did a reasonable job in that "Into the West" mini-series on TNT.
"I wonder why he looks so blank and dumb the rest of the time."

Because he's a Big Dumb Alien™.
okay great for James to have work...

and as much as I luv Steve DeKnight.... its not one of my fave shows... but still Im glad when the guys have work...
You could not pay me to watch Smallville again. It's awful. Just awful. It has a lead that can not act and a love interest that is bland beyond belief. About the only good thing is Lex and that's not saying much. The early seasons ripped off Buffy to such an extent I'm surprised Joss didn't sue. There's very few TV shows that really annoy me and Smallville is one of them.

That made me wanna stand up and do one of Nathan's 'slow building claps'.....;-) Couldn't have put it all better myself.

Gawd the times I tried it only to see it end *every* *single* *time* with Clark and Lana staring at each other with vague looks while exchanging vague nonsensical supposedly romantic dialogue. Gave me seizures....
Why did it have to be Smallville?! Why couldnt it have been... Something quality I watch?! Darnit.
Amen, EdDantes, Amen, Simon...I tried watching a few times, and the actor who plays Clark makes a wax dummy look animated..."soulful" gazes do not substitute for real acting. Just a boring, boring piece of rubbish.
Kristen can't believe that a WB rep would lie to her? I thought it was done all the time in L.A. Anywaym I might be curious enough to see how JM does with the role. If Brainiac is scarier than Lionel Luthor, that should attract a lot of attention.
I agree with the poster that said that the only good thing about James being on this show is that he'll shine so brightly up against those other crappy actors.

I SO wanted him to do a non-genre thing. Is it wrong that I don't want to see him fall into the c-actor genre trap? He can really bring the good. If he was going to be offered crap, why not crap like CSI or something mainstream. He would surely get a lot more attention that way, and for his acting ability, not because he used to be Spike (and I hope he will be again some day).

And Tom Welling was on Into the West? I guess I didn't watch enough of it to see him. Hell, I didn't even get to Lindsay.
James only has 2 facial expressions too. Won't have to break my WB boycott for this.
I used to watch it too - but the acting is really bad and the storylines just got worse and worse. I think I watched the first episode this season with my daughter and just couldn't tune in again. I like the Luthors but that's about it. I'm happy for James but I really don't know if I'll watch or not. I tuned in to watch Charisma on Charmed and wished I could have that hour back after it was done. But, I might just watch to see JMs.
Have to disagree with you on that, Charisma...
I'm glad for Mr. Marsters; but I watch Smallville via the snarky reviews on Television Without Pity.

Much more entertaining.

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Um, me too! I think JM is a wonderful actor with a very expressive face and cannot possibly see him being compared to Tom Welling.

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New info:

Marsters plays college professor Milton Fine, alter ego of the uber-villain Brainiac. Possessed of a vast, superior knowledge limited only by his hubris and emotions, Brainiac comes to earth armed with a secret about Clark's biological family and the truth about Krypton's demise. Brainiac's presence in Smallville will have a devastating effect on Clark and Lex's already deteriorating friendship.


Also this season on SMALLVILLE, veteran actor and Broadway star Tom Wopat will portray a state senator who was a boyhood friend of Jonathan Kent (Schneider)

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Okay, I'll definitely have to tune in to watch James. That character sounds interesting and if I used to watch just for Lex Luthor and his daddy I guess I can watch for JMs!
Also, Tom Welling *can* act...errr, sometimes. He was particularly great in "Transference", the episode in which Lionel took over his body.

I wonder why he looks so blank and dumb the rest of the time.

"Transference" was a very well-done episode, and TW was very good in it. I think the writers just write Clark's non-evil persona to be bland, and it doesn't give TW much to grab onto in order to create a deeper character. Clark, his parents, and especially Lana are all written to be very dull people.

James has a way of bringing out the best in the other actors in his scenes. I keep hoping this will happen on Smallville.
James has more facial expressions than any actor I've ever seen, he can convey a whole range of emotion with a quirk of an eyebrow . Put simply he's an extremely talented actor and, best of all ,numerous actors who have worked with him testify that he is also a generous actor, bringing out the best performances in his fellow cast members. Bung on a few DVD Commentaries and just hear what the writers , directors, series creator and other actors have to say. In fact I've never seen a single negative comment about him from anyone who has ever worked with him . And that's quite some achievement
James only has 2 facial expressions too

You have seen a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, right?
Ever seen any of Rogue's wonderful Convention photos of James, Charisma?

that man changes expression with every frame of film, he's constantly animated.
Guys, it is her opinion. She is intitled to it, just like you are.

So Wrongda may have been feed a twisted rumor.,1002,271|96542|1|,00.html

Aquaman is a prince, and would date Lois.

She said a prince would date lana......maybe Dean Cain will be there for one ep this season huh? Though Arther is blond, but that is minor.

As for the other stuff(the spike stuff)..different verse, same as the first.

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Charisma, could you try a be a little less negative in your one line posts? We want to keep the mood here positive and it would be nice if you could try to participate in that. And that's a second warning this month, we won't warn again.
charisma - All I can say is you clearly didn't watch the same shows I did. If you don't like the actor just say so, don't try to hide your dislike within inaccurate comments. I couldn't care less if someone expresses an opinion that they don't like JM's acting, but to say that he either can't act or is not expressive, and to say this as if it is a fact, is just rather silly.

Brainiac? Okay. With an alter-ego? Cool. Two JM's for the price of one. :0)
More from the WB is surfacing on other boards it looks like a really meaty role.


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Debw, lynnie, falenanjl, that's enough of that.
Nup, still not gonna tune into any WB tripe. Still bitter, James or nay. Smallville just strikes me as a show that tries too hard sometimes.

Also, maybe some people might consider installing the Spellbound plugin into their Firefox or the ieSpell plugin into Internet Explorer to help with their spell checking in comments? Just a helpful and handy suggestion from your friendly neighborhood Aussie ex-pat in Seattle.
Does this mean I'm going to have to actually watch the show? Grr. Tom Welling and James Marsters on the same screen...cheekbone overload if you ask me.
Well, since I've been following up with Kristen, here's another update:

Okay, here's the word: James Marsters will be on Smallville this season, playing a character known as Brainiac. I'm interviewing him later today and I'll bring you all the scoop. (Column already updated here here)

Dean Cain will also likely be appearing, a fantastic Dukes of Hazzard reunion, Tom Wopat will ALSO be guesting this year!!

I'll have more details on all this and more in Monday's chat!

So, we'll have an interview with James soon.
Not treading on toes, sorry. We posted at the same time. Just expressing an opinion. Being quiet now. :0)

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Brainiac will be evil. Very evil.

He will be one of the lead reasons, besides daddy dearest, and his own insecurities that drives Lex bad. Infact, it might not be a bad idea to check out the animated JLA for what I mean.

He will compleletly take over the scientist.
edited my comment

we must have been posting at the same time

sorry about that
Put me in the camp of people who LOVE James and thinks he's an awesome actor, and can shine in even the most abyssmal show.

That being said, and despite the general sentiment here, I still like the show "Smallville," flawed as it is; so watching James in it will not take as much dedication and loyalty as watching him on "The Mountain" took. This is like (vegan) gravy! I didn't need him on the show to watch it, but he'll make it so much more enjoyable.

Also, I really don't care if Kristen was wrong or right. I'm not sure what bashing her accomplishes. She's in a very visible (and thus vulnerable) position, but not one where the world stops spinning on its axis if she's wrong. She got some news that was correct, and what the WB rep did to her set her up for what? Public humiliation? Belittling her is kind of trite and gets to be wearisome.

We should all live up to the perfection we expect from others.

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Oh, I like the press release from the WB that the krytonsite added to the news story!
He will be adding more tonight.

He is at the panel and will be at the party for Smallville tonight.
I love JM's acting chops. Some of his best work in Buffy is when he goes into one of his "I'm gonna kill the Slayer" soliloquies and then gets punked one way or the other. The anger and hatred on his face is so real and then to have that drama punctuated by him getting zapped, falling into a hole or attacked is hi-larious! :)

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This is the 4th WB show he'll have been on, isn't it?
Yep. Well if you count Buffy/Angel seperatly. He and Jensen Ackles are their go to it guys.

Jensen has been on three, if you count his failed MN pilot. SV last year, and His new pilot this year.
Yes. Buffy, Angel, The Mountain, and now Smallville. If we ever get that Spike movie then they'll be five!
Does a happy dance. I think this is inspired casting.
Nebula1400, I think vegan gravy is so much better anyway

I dont like Smallville, but im very pleased for James that he has a recurring role :) Congratulations on winning the part Mr Marsters!
The most important part of this news is... he'll be in Vancouver! For more than a few days!


*gets out black stalker gear and nightvision goggles*

(Yeah. Like I've ever seen ANYONE from the Smallville crew around.)
Go on with your badself James. Not that I'll be watching Smallville, but go on with your badself.
Professor Fine is in episode #5-4 "Aqua," which airs on October 13. So, that may be JM's first ep!
They're casting for Aquaman right now. He's 19. So, no Dean Cain for that...

The Aquaman episode is also James Marsters' first, from what I can tell.
I'm THRILLED that he's going to be back on the screen in front of the masses.
He's just that much closer to making the proverbial Spike movie. He's keeping his talents out there, showing the WB execs that he CAN generate viewership. Which transfers into money for the WB. There's no bad here. JMO

*Hope A LOT of people tune in to watch him- I mean it IS James Marsters!*
What's this about Aquaman? I thought that was a tongue-in-cheek jab (on Entourage), about the plethora of super-hero movies nowadays.

They are REALLY making an Aquaman? How on Earth are they going to make him cool? I can think of about 15 other comic book heroes I'd rather see....

All together now... MELAKA!
I would say more AquaLad. He is in the ep 4. he is 19 old swimmer that Lex finds. he has a thing with Lois.
Smallville is blah to me, but if James is on it, I'll tune in!
Well I watched that one ep of THE MOUNTAIN because he was on it. Guess I can check him out on SMALLVILLE at least for one ep. Hope this doesn't tag him a genre only actor but I'm always glad to see our Whedon alums getting work. And I also hope their approach to Brainiac isn't really stupid.
Okay, maybe I am crazy (I honestly don't watch Smallville) but isn't the whole point of Superman's life before coming to the "big city" that is _was_ boring/sheltered? Doesn't even the name "Smallville" imply narrow/small/limited? So, therefore, does it not more honestly fit the whole lore of Superman that his life before being "the man" was, well, small?

*no flames, please*

Tvguide is reporting 6.

This site is reporting 7, with the possibilty of more.

Seeing as they have decided NOT to end this season,unless forced,I am beting he does his 7 and comes back for a few next year
No flames necessary because you make a valid point. It's clear in early Superman comics (and SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE) that Clark Kent grows up in this small farm town and doesn't appear as Superman until he's moved to Metropolis. So yes, the small town boy in the big city thing was part of the lore of Superman.

But not for long.

In the late 50's, DC decided to tell us "the adventures of Superman when he was a boy" and we got all these Superboy (costume, secret identity, the whole bit) stories set in Smallville with Ma and Pa Kent and Lana Lang and Pete Ross and extraordinary stuff would happen that Superboy would have to take care of. I don't remember what it was but I'm certain it was entertaining to kids who read comics. I know for sure Superboy did something of which an unintentional consequence was Lex Luthor's hair fell out and that's why Luthor is evil and he hates Superman.

Getting back to SMALLVILLE; because of the kind of stuff Clark encounters and because all the characters we know from SUPERMAN keep popping up, SMALLVILLE is really SUPERMAN except there's no costume and it's set in Smallville.

I got into Smallville very recently (after a very exciting dream about the young and lovely Mr Lex Luthor.) I ended up buying 3 DVD boxsets in 2 weeks. The universe obviously loves me. I'm very excited by this news. Go James! (Go Smallville casting people!)

Oooh, GAWD, I hope he has lots of scenes with John Glover. I do luff the magnificent b*stard. Lionel and Lex are THE reason to watch the show. (Until now..)

*Bad Kitty grabs pen and immediately starts to write erotic Spike/Lex fanfic..*
And a 'Dukes of Hazzard' reunion too! Did everybody read that part? *dies happy*
batmarlowe, you remind me of what I thought was a very funny moment...I was living in Munich when the first Superman movie came out, and a friend spent Christmas in London, where the movie was in first run. He got back and raved about the movie...and then said, "And you know all that Superboy stuff about's just a *myth*! Never happened!"

Still won't be watching Smallville.
I want to state this for the record: I used to be a Smallville snob. Until VERY recently I was (heartily) one of those "I don't need to watch it to know it's sucks" people. A couple of glances and a rough idea was all I needed to dismiss it.

But I was like that about BtVS, Angel and the Harry Potter books, too.. for YEARS. Honestly. And look where THAT got me. What a waste of precious badass-loving time!

Lex and Lionel recently joined the hallowed ranks of my "Loveable B*stard" pantheon. They now slouch semi-evilly right alongside Spike, Snape, Draco, Gollum, Jayne, Heathcliff and Anakin Skywalker.

Give them a chance!

*Horny vice-chairwoman of the 'Ignore the Pretty Ones and Give the Bad Boys a Chance' Foundation*
I will watch Smallville, hopefully James will make the rest of the cast lift their game and it will start living up to its potential.
I'll definitely check it out as well. I've seen a few eps of Smallville, but never really gave it much of a chance. This season sounds intriquing though. I'm not a diehard nut for continuity either, it's all fiction so I don't care if it doesn't all match the DC version(S) of Superman. Doing a 6-7 episode arc should be good for James. We know that doing that on Buffy sure as Hell worked out well for him! It should be fun to watch him develop a new character over a few weeks time.

[ edited by Grace on 2005-07-23 16:52 ]
James will be great at that role. Smallville, I can take or leave. So I'll try "take" for James' episodes at least, next season. I miss seeing JM on TV. He's a unique talent. Also, do you think he'll be shirtless at all? Not that it matters of course.:)
So I'll try "take" for James' episodes at least

I tried to take James before. But then there was the whole ugliness with the police and the restraining order. I don't do that anymore.
From Kryptonsite:

Executive Producer Alfred Gough tells us that James Marsters is planned for 7 episodes, but there is an option for more episodes after that.

I would have watched the show, anyway, because while it is not the same quality as Buffy or Angel, it's still pretty good on its own terms. It's still better than most of the shows on television. And face it - nothing is ever going to be as good as a Whedon production.

I think the reason it fell short this season was the writers had built an arc around Christopher Reeve's character, Dr. Swann, and then he died suddenly, leaving them to scramble and revise the overall story arc after the season began.
I thought last season fell apart because they built a season arc around Lana as a witch and then decided not to give any of the other characters a season arc. Just had them do one thing, drop it and then bring it back up later. Or pull a plot line for them out of their ass around the what was it for Jason, 19th episode?

And I wasn't talking about Adam Knight(or Jason) Nebula. It was a certain hot blonde who I thought had alot more to offer to the series but nooo. Damn I'm bitter.
The "hot blonde" you're probably referring to is Jason, played by Jensen Ackles. He'll be in a new Fall series titled Supernatural.

Jensen also snarked a bit on his Smallville character. I'll have that up on KryptonSite shortly.
Just my opinion but I thought eddy was talking about Sarah Carter as Alicia.
I do watch Smallville so I'm happy James will be on as he can only help improve the show.
I will watch Smallville for ten episodes, sigh. I won't miss James, he's not someone you can predict. I will wonder as I have for years, what art can excape from a conglomorate, run presently by the studpidest people in all it's years. Freddie Prinze Jr. has a series? HELP!
Judy said
I tried to take James before. But then there was the whole ugliness with the police and the restraining order. I don't do that anymore

Thanks for the warning, Judy. I guess I'll have to alter my current plans . . . :)
I'm totally outta the loop on 'Smallville,' but I love me some Marsters, so I'm willing to give it a go. Despite 'The Mountain' and despite the USA movie...I can't help myself but give that no good man chance after chance. Can't help but take him back. A raised eyebrow, a low murmer, and god help me, I'm done for.

I'd like to be prepared for his gueststarness -- but really haven't a clue. Can y'all give me the paragraph summary re: what this thing is about, or do ya have any suggestions on how to get a primer without watching all that came before? While I'd do nearly anything James might ask, I've been hurt wish to take it slow this time...

Bad Kitty: interested in volunteering with your Foundation. Please advise.

And Judy: re: the 'taking' of James and the police, etc., i thought it was just me. Maybe we could meet for herbal tea before checking in with our prob. officers on Wednesday mornings...?
after talking with someone about this (looks pointedly at someone ;)), i'm on the verge of giving up on watching our heroes in non 'verse shows. the roles, the writing, the directing, or some combo of the three will inevitably off and i will end up bitterly disappointed. see my wicked prayer review if you don't believe me ;) since I was told earlier on on this board that Glory and/or Ben is prettier and/or stronger than me, maybe I could be a Bad Boy(tm)?

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Oh, honey. You're still very pretty. Don't let those bullies tell you any different. I'll try to pay close attention so I can give you the download, and you won't have to watch 'Smallville.' But if Braniac ever goes for a swim, or, say, takes a shower, or spills something hot on his shirt and needs to, i dunno, change it...i probably won't be able to help you out.
Aw, thanks : D <-- Buffybot toothy grin (tm)
Yeah, well if they put a big fake brain on top of James' head, and make him wear black goggles and a lab coat...I'll be crying. And please don't make him green...or purple, whatever!

(Since my other questions about this were in the thread that was deleted , I thought I'd pop one in here for good measure. Maybe somebody knows what I'm talkin' about in THIS thread?)
barest_smidgen and Judy, Must join your group. Am also hopelessly addicted! ;)
I may have to start watching Smallville again (watched most of the first season), if JM is going to be on it.

Bad Kitty: I'm with barest_smidgeon - I'd like to join your Foundation. To heck with the support group.

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