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July 22 2005

Cover for the novelization of Serenity. Keith R.DeCandido posts the cover for the Serenity novel!

So... it's the promo poster? Which came first I wonder...
The new poster is the cover?
Aw, jeez, not this....again...
I do like the increased emphasis on Serenity. The ComicCon poster had a much smaller ship to the side of Summer.
But but but where's the mysterious figure that no one can identify :P.
Its not quite the same image. And, yes, now you and bobtaylor must suffer, Chris. sorry bout that, really. *snicker*
but now the gun is gone (ooh that rhymed). awesome though... yeah that 8th person is the funniest.
Well, I liked the poster so I obviously like this too!!
Is that Diana Ross's DWI mug shot?? Oh wait, it's River.

Works for me.

[ edited by m'cookies on 2005-07-23 00:35 ]
Yay for inane fandom controversy! :D
It looks a bit better as a book cover than the poster. I like that the crew isn't in little boxes any more...though don't Zoe's eyes look like she has no iris/pupil?

And please, give River back her gun.
it's okay... I still expected a more group-ish shot.

Already ordered my copy of the novelization, hopefully it will arrive in time for my birthday, but won't read it until November.
Question, can someone just tell me, if this movie is group based, cause it really seems the focus in trailers and artwork is only on River and Mal.

No spoilers, just want a simple yes for group based or no for not group based.
Yes. All nine BDH's are in the film.
I figured that much, but does anyone besides River and Mal actually get a story? A decent amount of screentime?
I think the marketing is focusing on the Captain of the ship and the Mystery. Kind of in the same way that there are only action figures of Mal and Jayne, not because the film is only about them, but because they're more probably perceived as being more action-y by the folks that make these decisions. I seem to remember the ads for Firefly going like that too with lots of shots of River curled up in her ice box.

Okay, you know how all the Star Trek Next Gen. movies are all sort of about Picard and his experience even though the television show was about all of the key crew members? Well Serenity isn't like that. Every BDH is in this film and the film addresses each character's journey in some way. Some more than others, but it's not exclusively about any one or two of them. No one, in my opinion, gets cheated out of their important piece of the action.
Okay, one last comment about this poster/book cover--I'd earlier noted that to my eyes it looked like a crappy psycho thriller...SNT agreed (I think it was SNT), adding that it would have a two word title like "Lethal Encounters" and such.

I call your attention to the poster for the just released "Dark Water":

No, there's no stalker-like figure in the background, and the fontage is more traditional, but it's really not a hell of a lot different from the proposed poster with River (not looking a bit like River) with a cheesey tag line.

My last comment on this poster, which I find worse every time I look at it.
[D]oes anyone besides River and Mal actually get a story? A decent amount of screentime?

BurkleFreak, a proper answer to your question would give stuff away. In fact, even a short answer would give away the degree of gruntlement or disgruntlement of the viewer . . . Many are of the opinion that every crew member gets decent screentime. Let's leave it at that.

And I have nothing further to add about the poster.

OK, other than that my problem isn't that the image doesn't include all the crew, or that it doesn't stick with the feel of Firefly the series; rather, it's that it fails to come up with an image that captures even a tiny bit of the heart and soul of the movie. Obviously, in my humble opinion.
They're messing with your blue again, SNT. Maybe a doctor should look at that...;)

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