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July 22 2005

Serenity Extras on Battlestar DVD! Looks like they're using Serenity to sell Battlestar dvds! Who cares, as long as we get the gravy! (Registration and login on the Brown Board required)

Damn - I'm holding out for the US version which will have the miniseries on it. For those not reading the link, Best Buy is selling the UK version. I hope the US version comes with this extra Serenity stuff too!
Not thinking they need Serinity to help sell BSG. It is deffiantly a hit in it's own right. Uk version is very cool. The music and cuts from the Uk is different then the US version.

This is more because it is now on sci-fi the same night and to promote that, I would guess.
Whatever. I've heard the same from other friends, that BG is good in its own right. Hey, if there's some symbiosis here, mores the better... as long as SERENITY gets more press, I'm all for it! :D
Yes, BSG is a hit on it's own but Firefly/Serenity seems to be building into something really big. And I'm sure there are a lot of Firefly fans out there now debating on whether or not to buy the UK version just because of this. I had no intention of buying the UK version but now I'm really, really tempted!

I wanted the U.S. Version (I prefer the opening theme to the UK one).

Guess I'll get the UK now and the US in September, keep the Serenity disk, and give the UK to my parents for Christmas. Now THERE'S a plan. It's win-win.
I can't wait for this dvd, but I wish I better understood the differences between the US and UK versions.

It's got to be more than just different opening credits and music. I've read about a ship that gets blown up and in the US they show humans in the windows of the ship but in the UK they removed them from the windows.

I'd prefer the least censored version. Does anyone know the full scoop?
I think the UK version will have deleted scenes (and maybe that one you just said the US had but theirs didn't). The US version will come with more commentaries and extras plus the miniseries will be included. I haven't bought the miniseries yet because I wanted to see if it would be included with the season one set and it is supposed to be for the US version.

I'm betting that Serenity disk could end up on Ebay anyway so I'm going to stick with my original plan and get the US version when it comes out in September.
i heard about this on the firefly myspace groups earlier this week (they guy worked for best buy) now I have friend who works for Best Buy and ill ask him some details... im not really into buying the bsg dvd set just for serenity disc...
Here are some of differnces I know:

_ you see the people in the ship

- you see the whole, uncut, sex scene with cylon boomer and helo on caprica.

-Alot of the commentaries will only be on the US version

- six's ass from her scene with Baltar in the lab

_ some intresting lines between kara and lee and then one where Six shows alot of intrest in Kara.

_ alot more blood and actual deaths.

The opening credits(I perfer the one with the drums).
I want to see 6 asses! I'm going to wait for the US version... :)

Universal has announced their "all retailers" release this morning, and as you can see on the left, the cover is noticably different than the box which Best Buy has been depicting. The release is set for September 20th, and the SRP is $59.98 (which means you'll be able to purchase it anywhere from $40 to $55, after retail discounts are applied). The running time is 757 minutes for a 5-DVD package (one more than the Best Buy set), including the 2003 mini-series on the first disc, and there are many extras. Here's a list of them, copied from Universal's release information:

Commentary Tracks:
Feature Commentary on "The Mini-Series" with Director Michael Rymer and Executive Producers David Eick and Ron Moore
"Pilot" Commentary with Director Michael Rymer and Executive Producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore
"Bastille Day" Episode Commentary with Executive Producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore
"Act of Contrition" Episode Commentary with Executive Producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore
"You Can't Go Home Again" Episode Commentary with Executive Producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore
"Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down" Episode Commentary with Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore
"The Hand of God" Episode Commentary with Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore
"Colonial Day" Episode Commentary with Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore
"Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 1" Episode Commentary with Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore
"Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2" Episode Commentary with Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore
Behind the Scenes
Deleted Scenes
Battlestar Galactica Series Lowdown
Sketches and Art

An added bonus item listed is "1 of 3 Collectible DVD Exclusive Trading Cards"; we're not sure yet what these are trading cards of, or how someone would obtain the other two cards in the set. We'll look into it, and let you know what we find out. Video is shown as " Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1)", and sound is shown to be "English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround". English and Spanish subtitles are on board as well.

Think the stuff on this SERENITY preview disc will up on the SERENITY DVD?
What's that then, bl? I see no mention of Serenity there...
Just showing what is saying what the difference is between US & UK versions because Succatash wanted to know. But no mention of Serenity there but there wasn't any mention of it on the Best Buy link I checked out either so who knows!

And Barmarlowe, I was thinking it will most likely be on the Serenity dvd. It certainly sounds like stuff that was specifically filmed for Serenity fans. Why wouldn't they give that as an extra?!!
So, is the 'Serenity' disc the DVD Trading Card or something?
So, is the 'Serenity' disc the DVD Trading Card or something?

Nono. The description above is for the -US- version of the BSG DVDs to be released later this year, not the Best Buy/UK version coming out next week.
Clever very clever. Synergy marketing. My admiration for Universal has gone up considerably. Makes me think we will see a big promotion for Serenity on NBC in September.

And I adore Battlestar Galactica. The mini-series and the first season blew me away. Tis my favourite new show.
Simon, I think you hit that nail right on the head. I believe we are seeing some brilliant marketing strategy on Universal's part.

Lets look at the facts. Universal decides to delay 'Serenity' until September knowing very well the Star Wars/Star Trek franchises will be over. Battlestar Galactica is the best thing to happen to SCI-FI in a long time. The mini-series rated over 4 millon viewers, the highest they had in their 13 year history. The series has shown growth in the 3 millon range, still their best series in years. So now, Universal finds themselves holding the keys to a hot sci-fi television series and the next possible sci-fi movie saga. Using one to promote the other is a win-win situation. You know, I believe the Cylons are running Universal Studios as in 'they have a plan'. ;)

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Where are you folks getting this from? I see nothing at the Best Buy website indicating anything about a special Serenity preview disk. Yup, BG is also a Universal property, so a tie-in would make a certain amount of sense, but what's the source of this information? The poster at the official Serenity boards doesn't give a source. Who can confirm this?
Its a free giveaway so would they actually mention it? Its not like they're selling it. Its promotional.
The poster at the official Serenity boards doesn't give a source.

The source was themselves, saying they have the DVDs several days early.
There was also a scan of this week's flyer from Best Buy, and it is mentioned in that. I also saw the actual flyer with mine own two eyes, and it is most certainly not a rumor.

Anyone want to buy the BSG dvds and sell the extra disc to me, for less than the $50 asking price? ;)
dizzy, That sounds like a question to post on a BSG board rather than here. ;-)
Saw the flyer here as well. Just wondering if there's anything on the UK that WON'T be on the U.S.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-07-25 00:55 ]
Yeah, anything on the UK version besides the possible-serenity-extras thats not going to be on the US version to warrent the 50 buck purchase now and another 40-50 buck purchase a month and a half from now? Also, if its UK but sold here will it be Region 1 so it'll work on North American DVD players? Just curious... I want to buy it for the series and the serenity disc, but I don't want to regret that I did in a month and a half when the US version comes out... I even would be curious to know how substantial the Serenity preview is? Hopefully more then just trailors for firefly dvd series and serenity movie that we've seen million times before (not to say I wouldn't like to see them million times more of course!) But that serenity disc/bonus/etc. has really got me debating this purchase much heavier then my original take of just waiting until Sept. for the US release (I'm a patient man, I mean we are waiting until September anyways for Serenity the movie right? I can easily wait that long for BSG season 1). I don't think any movie has been as hard to wait for release as Serenity in my 20 years on this planet. The matrix and lord of the rings sequels and original star wars prequels were close, although matrix and star wars usually were followed by high hopes and big letdowns, lord of the rings well worth the wait, but Serenity is tough because I know its good and I'm far more a Browncoat then a Hacker (or whatever Neo was), Jedi, or Hobbit.
The Serenity bonus disc runs about 13 minutes in length. It's all original stuff (no trailers for the film), with clips from the film and behind the scenes stuff combined with interview snippets with Joss and the cast, then there's a segment on the fans with footage from the 2004 Comic-Con and from the first two rounds of the sneak preview screenings. I've never seen BSG but I picked it up anyway to get my hands on the disc.

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