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January 25 2003

'Buffy' vamp Marsters sinks teeth into rock Let's face it, James Marsters looks like a rock star. An article chronicling the recently formed Ghost of the Robot.

"The five-man band has been together less than a year. The collaboration started after Los Angeles neighbors Sellers and Marsters became friends. Marsters previously had played solo, doing mostly covers."

Click here for the band's
official site

Props to jenguin for mentioning this article (not necessarily to me directly, but, whatever).
Must be pretty crap for James and the rest of the band who no doubt are hard working talented people if the people who come to see them are Spike fans. Music wise I have one of the GOTR singles, nothing startling but far better than anything say for example Dogstar ever did.

But if you want to try another BtVS connected band, listen to Common Rotation, pretty darn good all round.
I think the only reason only Spike fans come see the band is because the music's so terribly unoriginal.
I'll tell you that, from the songs I downloaded, they pretty much suck.
I've only heard one song and felt kinda "Eh" about it.. but I would go to a gig as a "spike fan" and because well, he's from my town and went to my high school.. too bad it wasn't the same year. Thanks for posting it voodoo :)
I'd probably go see Amber sing, and definitely Tony Head - the both of them have thrilling voices.

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