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July 23 2005

And a very Happy Birthday to....Charisma Carpenter! Cordelia Chase's talented and extremely beautiful alter ego turns 35 today. Many Happy returns from Whedonesque Charisma!

Happy Birthday Charisma, you were awesome, we miss you!
Happy birthday Charisma!

Doesn't she look fantastic? I hope we will one day see more of Cordelia Chase.
Miss her terribly.
Happy birthday, Charisma! Can't wait to see you on Veronica Mars this coming season! :)
Happy Birthday Charisma! Hope you have an amazing day! I am so excited to see you appear on Veronica Mars!
Talented and beautiful, that's our lady! Charisma, best wishes to you and your family!
Charisma Carpenter... one of the best smiles in the business. Happy Birthday.

Ok, that's Charisma and Dan Radcliffe down. Now, must call my brother to wish him the same.
Happy Birthday, Charisma!
Happy Birthday, Charisma! Clearly, age is working for you. You were among the most beautiful in the Buffyverse, and definitely what I looked forward to, each week on Angel.
She seriously made the Whedonverse worthwhile for me. Love the actress, and her character became my number one fave on the entire Whedonverse too!
Here's hopin' you have a great birthday! And looking forward to seeing you on VERONICA MARS.
Will you look at that - Charisma and I have the same birthday! Happy birthday, Charisma!
The more I watch Buffy the more I admire Charisma! Happy Birthday (a little belated)
Happy Birthday to you, too, catalyst2.

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