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July 23 2005

They Stake Dead Guys, Don't They? Reflection's Edge magazine praises Joss once again in an in-depth, informative article about how vampire mythology has changed over the course of time. Addresses the potential origins for the myth, the metaphors involved with vampires and vampirism, and more.


Sorry...don't get that at all...

Off for a drink. Really not getting this article at all.
Chris inVirginia, Joss and David Greenwalt mention throughout the "City Of" commentary that they wanted to portray Angel as struggling with an addiction (in his case, resisting a growing craving for human blood, according to Doyle) and playing with the alcoholism metaphor through that. I'm specifically reminded of Angel's reaction to the blood on the girl's forehead in the alley sequence of the opening teaser and also Joss' and David's comments in the scene where Angel finds Tina in her apartment, long-dead with a nasty, bloody wound on her neck. The two commentators mention that an early version of the script had Angel touching the wound, licking the blood from fingers, unable to stop.
A bit darker than what The WB may have wanted, perhaps, but if you can find it, check out the original script for episode 2 (entitled "Corrupt", written by David Fury). Although it doesn't really further this alcoholism metaphor, it's still a damn dark episode and fortunately bits and pieces of that script found their into later episodes.

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