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July 24 2005

(SPOILER) Fan review of Serenity screening in Queensland, Australia. Chris Saad went in 'with massive expectations'. He liked it, but in his review details what he thinks are its weak points.

Disclaimer: I haven't read this review, because I'm staying spoiler free.

I saw the screening in Melbourne and would probably agree with most of his comments. I love the film and thought it was an extraordinary achievement from Joss and any issues I had with the film seem to be related to two things. (1) that the film was limited to a two hour running length and (2) Joss had to compromise between making a film for the fans and a film for the general public.

Hopefully, after Joss gets done with the cinema release and the standard DVD release he can then work on a special extended DVD version for us Firefly fans, where he doesn't have to worry about time constraints or weather the general public will understand a certain scene or line of dialog.

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I'ts been cropping up more and more that would've occured within the next season as part of the ongoing story regardless. Just wish we'd had time to see it all play it with more breathing room.
MySerenity, you might want to spoiler tag that. By the way, there *is* foreshadowing of certain events in the movie, just people apparently haven't noticed it.

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Definitely foreshadowing. Some of it is very subtle, but it's there. When you see it again, you'll notice it.
I've only got an 8 day wait for my second viewing! Yeep!
gossi, I don't know how to spoiler tag it--sorry. I'll try to figure that out. Also, I have read that there are some foreshadowing things for instance from the third viewing that wasn't in the first or second. I saw the second screening and therefore missed some things. I'm sure there were other things that went over my head though!

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I hate when people talk about foreshadowing when they've only watched something once. With good stories you see the foreshadowing in hindsight after the big event has happened. you can look back on it and can see the clues to what was going to happen(sixth sense, memento).

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zg: I've invisibled part of your comment for safety's sake. Although the link is marked spoiler, some unspoiled members might look at these comments unaware that they contain spoilers also.
Okay, this is bugging me: I want to buy this t-shirt with the first version of the quote, but I don't want to have a shirt with a mis-quote on it!
I think it's watch me soar.
thanks, SNT! I vagued it up a bit, but I was being lazy by not inviso'ing :)
OMG Caroline just gave me membership - yay! That was my site with the review - thanks for your gentle comments guys - great to have some axs on the great '' :)
I disagree with some of the review. Some of it was plain old nitpicking. Glad he loved it tho.
I started this thread and didn't mean to read any of the comments, because I was still spoiler free. But then I accidently opened it and was spoiled by MySerenity's post. Which sucks and I'm pretty annoyed, but it was my own fault, I guess.
Caroline, I am soo sorry! I really feel terrible, but I'm so used to talking about spoilers during the movie screening threads that I didn't even think about it until later that day. I myself was spoiled about like a week before the finale of angel premered. I hoped that my post would be harmless and that I had corrected my mistake in time, but aparently I didn't. Once again, I am terribly sorry.

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