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July 24 2005

Universal running Firefly/Serenity ads on AOL Instant Messenger reports somebody on the Universal forums (reg and blood donation required). "Watch the new trailer during Firefly on Sci-Fi" and then it cuts to a pic of Nathan with Firefly on Sci-fi and Serentiy coming out September 30.

Different advertising budgets are fun.
Does that say blood donation required?
Yeah, cause gossi == silly :)
No, really, in 3 years time we will be coming after you demanding 2 pints of blood per post. Some people are in trouble!
Somebody has posted an image of the 2nd graphic here:
So that's what he meant with "I AIM to misbehave."
If we had a roll eyes emoticon I'd be using it right now.
lol, maybe I'm just sad but I thought that was pretty funny :)
lol. I got it before I posted it.

I'm so looking forward to when it comes to me having to give away my first born child... *rolls eyes here*

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