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January 25 2003

(SPOILER) BtVS S7x15 "Get it Done". Major spoilers revealed at Elemental Boards for Episode 15.

Uh oh... "impregnate..."

I'm not in the mood to sign up for yet another website. Does this site have anything more to say than what I've already learned from
It's basically an entire episode summary. Don't look at it, you'll severely regret it :)
Zach - it has a lot more details about how exactly Buffy "time-travels," what goes down between her and the 3 African guys, how her friends manage to get her back to Sunnydale, and what exactly she learned.

I'm a bit confused by the last part though - Sunnydale burning and an army of Ubervamps. Is that happening as Buffy tells it, or is that a vision of the future?

And I'm sure these spoilers will be on Spoilerslayer by Sunday night, btw.

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