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July 25 2005

Last Night's "The 4400" written by Doug Petrie. The episode will be shown again on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on USA Network.

Love this show.

I will admit, I do not focas much on who writes what on shows any more. IT was a fantastic ep and now it does not shock me who wrote it. If you need another good sci-fi series besides BSG, Stargate or Firefly to check out, this is the one.
This show has been outright fantastic. Cheers to the folks behind it (mostly former DS9ers).
I was very happy to see Doug's name in the credits for this episode as I watched (and then rewatched with his commentary) Fool For Love last night. I am really enjoying this 2nd season of The 4400, I think it's been quite an improvement on the 1st season.
Is that what's he upto these days? He disappeared from telly for a while. Nice to see him back. I did enjoy his BtVS episodes and the stuff he wrote for the Buffy comics too.
I jumped out of my seat when I saw Doug Petrie wrote the episode - and it was great! One of the best episodes so far.
This show went from cheesy to actually very good 3 episodes ago with the big assassination. I got so used to mocking it, it's gonna take some adjusting not to anymore.
I dunno, I haven't mocked it this season that I can remember. I made a few jokes about it during the mini, but I enjoyed that even.
I can't help it. I got this warm tingly glow from the line: "... and your favorite writer is Alan Moore."

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