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July 25 2005

Universal confirm brand new US domestic trailer on Friday. Airing during Firefly on SCI-FI "between 7:45-8PM EST during the airing of 'Serenity Part 2'. It will have its Internet premiere shortly thereafter (more details to come) and will be in theaters in August."

Oh if only Joss had a oscar nomination like Peter Jackson so they would broadcast the new trailer on NBC too. Whats that? Joss WAS nominated for a oscar? Get out of here! Well then. Maybe they should show the new trailer on NBC too since it has a bigger audience.
Well, if you want to ring up NBC and demand they air it, go for it!
It would make sense... NBC/Universal and all...
True, I hadn't thought of that. Sci-fi is probably more the target demographic, though.
Does NBC have a mainstream entertainment news/gossip show?
Simon, NBC has Access Hollywood. I don't know how to link, but here is the web page:

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Thanks MySerenity. See I'm more for the promotion of the movie on mainstream channels. If I had the budget and clout, I'd get the premiere on Access Hollywood and let the Sci-Fi Channel have the cable rights.
Anyhow glad to know its not just the international trailer again. I hope theres no top 40 song in it. Does anyone know if sci-fi releases the ratings for its shows? Would be nice to know how Firefly is doing(and will do, imagine if it goes up each week?)
All I have to say is:

Speaking of mainstream, IMDb has a really nice ad for the new trailer and Firefly. It's kind of in the middle of the page, but doesn't always appear. If you don't see it, refresh a few times and you should. When you click on the ad, it takes you to the SciFi Channel's Firefly page.

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I'm so happy Sci-Fi is running Firefly (in order! What a novel idea). Can't wait to see the new trailer.
I think the trailer will get picked up by Access Hollywood etc soon, but not exclusively. Whatever way you spin it, the Sci-Fi airing - right before new Stargate starts - is going to get a lot of viewage, probably far more than the theatre trailing showings did.

It's a really sound move from Universal. But I'm sure people will throw their toys out of the cot because they don't like the music or whatever.
More mainstream-ish ad news: (formerly TV Tome), has the ad running on their main page as well! shiny!

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