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July 26 2005

Amber Benson talks about her new comic book 'Shadowplay'. Wouldn't you know it, one of her stories is about vampires. "I guess it's just karma for being such an Anne Rice fan as a teenager. My love for Lestat and Louis has followed me into adulthood."

Looks good, I think I'll be checking it out.

Deffinatly be checking it out.

Is there really anything AB can not do well?
Definately won't be missing this one. I was *such* an Anne Rice fan as well, tee heee.
Wanted to mention this poll somewhere and this seems like an appropriate place; I didn't want to link to HMC site cause I know some find it offensive, but they have an interesting poll topic this week that relates obviously to Amber (and Aly). The question was ...your favorite cult TV relationship, since HMC is a Whedonverse site one would expect a heavy selection of Buffy/Angel/Firefly couples but I am surprised (and happy) at the results so far. Usually they get 300-400 responses so with 373 votes cast:
1) Willow & Tara...32.2%
2) Buffy & Angel...19.8%
3) Buffy and Spike...16.4%
4) Wesley & Fred...11.5%
5) Xander & Anya...4.0%
6) Mulder @ Scully...4.0% (some x-File fans lurking)
7) Angel & Cordy...3.8% (personally disappointed that's so low)
8) Willow & Oz...2.9%
There were others from Lost and other shows that got few if any votes...
Willow and Tara were something special, I think it says a lot about the Whedonverse fan base that they are recognized, especially in this political climate.
What is HMC and why would someone find it offensive?
HMC is Hellmouth Central...a funny and creative site that I enjoy very much but I've heard some take offense to some language and situations depicted it if you are curious but be aware of adult content.

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