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July 26 2005

The Retroactive Alternative Emmys: Comic article on those TV series, actors, and situations that just never get their due.

Um okay. Porn award.

For me, I totally hated that scene. It was beyond tacky and far from hot. I wanted to cry for her.

I can also see with a review that says who cares about the content matter, lets get to the sex scene, why SMG felt "degraded" especailly by this scene and ep.

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Not an episode I would have picked for an Emmy award but then he does have a very specialized category.

It seems to be the accepted wisdom that shows on WB or UPN doesn't get Emmy awards, a pity since BtVS really deserved a collection of the real awards, also could have been good to point to when arguing for a continuation in one form or another.
I loved season six.

I also agree with the writer about that neighbor in "Home Improvement".
Genre shows have hard time there. Always Have. Look at ST:TNG. Except for make-up and special effects it was over looked, and it had some stand out eps.

But, with shows like Medium getting so much recognition, and BSG getting one it's first year, it will make the Emmy's intresting next year.

Very little in that season is Emmy worthy, but if you want to talk over looked, look at OMWF and The Body.But yeah it does seem to just be a catagory made to ramble about a specific act.

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Ah yes, the season 6 debate. Besides the fact that these "awards" seem to be very tongue in cheek, season six was what made me take serious notice of BTVS. (I reallly like the examination of complex adult relationships.) That particular scene seems to be one of the more controversial so I'm sure it was chosen for that purpose.
I love season 6 too. While the nomination is tongue in cheek it attracts the attention to one of the most complex, dark and fascinating episodes of BtVS.
Season #6 is likewise my favorite....I think folks who see only "porn" in the Buffy/Spike relationship during season #6 totally miss the point. I know it must have been difficult for Sarah and James, but that's simply one small part of what make them both great actors imo. Vampires, we learned, are complex and individual creatures....Angel had a soul to guide him, but Dru, Spike and Harmony were truly unique. Dru was never concerned with being "good" but through the madness, she demonstrated love and loyalty thought not to exist within soul-less demons; Harmony grew tremendously during Angel season #5, there were times when the viewer forgot she was a soul-less vampire, one actually liked her better in fact as a vampire than as a rude, selfish teenager. Spike was the most unique...from the beginning he demonstrated the ability to love Dru and was devoted to her; a vampire with emotions and the ability to socialize with much for a "black and white" world. The fact that he loved Buffy seems pretty clear...and the issues surrounding their relationship are the most complex ever seen on TV...much much more than porn imo!
Season six lover reporting for duty

It was "Afterlife" which got me hooked on the show and the rest is history
To quote the great Tom Lehrer in a ditty called 'Smut' "For filth, I'm glad to say, is in the mind of the beholder."

S6 BtVS was risk-taking storytelling that made me sit up and take notice where I was only a casual viewer of previous seasons. For me, hot porny scenes do not detract from the show's artful aspects. YMMV.
6 has its flaws but overall imo the season is as good as 2; it's just that in 6 we saw the best epis (with the exception of DT) at the beginning of the year and in 2 we got the cream of the crop in the mid and latter part of the season.

Imo, DT is a true classic, the third best epi in 6 after OMWF and TR.
James wasn't exactly made to feel good about himself during those scenes either and at least Sarah had more clothes on. So, I feel bad for both actors. As for the characters, I didn't feel bad for Buffy at all since she knew exactly what she was doing. And Spike, well, he's a vampire - enough said.
I also loved Season 6. As a latecomer to the Buffyverse (I was a Firefly flan from the beginning, which eventually led to Angel and Buffy and all things Whedon), I watched Buffy on DVDs from Season 1 to Season 7 in about three months. I agree with newcj: "(I reallly like the examination of complex adult relationships.)" That's exactly what attracted me to Season 6 and further to Season 7, the more I watch that one. Yes, the sex scenes with Spike and Buffy are hot, but they are much more than that. The psychological aspects of their relationship in both seasons, and even starting as far back as Season 4 and 5, are worth studying. It's one of the things that Joss does best - demonstrates how relationships can - and usually do - evolve, from loathing, to tolerance, to trust, to eventually a deep friendship. Not bad for someone who started out the relationship without a soul!

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