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July 26 2005

Happily N'Ever trailer up. Sarah Michelle Gellar does the voice of Ella.

This is very cute. I do like the art.

It helps to be descriptive when posting a link at Whedonesque, that's why I added that bit about SMG.
So, just so I am clear on this ... wouldn't do the voice for the proposed animated series. Wouldn't do the voice for the video games. WILL do the voice for this?
Sorry Simon, you sure about SMG voicing Rick, I suspect she voices Ella (as in Cinderella) ?

ETA : Unless this is your way of commenting on who you think wears the trousers in the Prinze-Gellar household ?
After all Rick ( ackording to IMDB and articles) is voiced by her real life Prince Charming Freddie.

Ocular, Since Robot Chicken seems to indicate that she has no problems with the voice acting itself maybe they just didn't ask nice enough ...

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Ocular, I used to be quite mad at SMG for her lack of participation in Buffy related projects, such as interviews for the official magazine or on the DVDs, or the video games, but since then I've started to see things more from her point of view. I remember reading a quote from her in the magazine where she defended herself and I can see where she's coming from.

As the main character she has a lot more work to do than most of the other actors. Buffy is in the most scenes and therefore she has to carry the show. Same with David Boreanaz, and I've read him commenting on how much responsibility it is. Whenever they were recording the audio commentaries or interviews for the DVDs, it was usually during breaks in filming. Whilst someone like Nick Brendon will have enough free time on set to rest and still have time to do an interview, SMG usually didn't have that luxury because she had less free time than anyone else.

I assume that would be the same for the games and stuff like that. Any time off she had from Buffy would be rare and she just didn't want to record video game voiceovers or anything. If you look at her film roles during Buffy, a lot of them were filmed during the summer break between filming Buffy, so she had to fit them around her work.

Basically, she's given us seven years of excellence in Buffy so I feel she doesn't owe us anything. If she happens to do an interview or something then great, but we shouldn't expect anything from her, and she seems to be quite a private person.
Well said Razor. I'm in complete agreement.

I believe Aly actually said something similar about DVD commentaries and how when she wasn't working, she wanted to be at home. If Aly felt that way, then I see no problem with Sarah (who worked even longer hours) feeling that way. As for the Buffy Animated show, I also have no problem with her decision. She worked her butt off for seven years. That came to an end and she wanted to move on and try other things without constantly going back.

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Ah I misread IMDB, thanks jpr.

And comments like

So, just so I am clear on this ... wouldn't do the voice for the proposed animated series. Wouldn't do the voice for the video games. WILL do the voice for this?

run pretty close to my definition of actor bashing at Whedonesque which I will not tolerate. It would be perhaps better if we stick to discussing the cartoon movie in question.
Has the Buffy Animated show sunk without trace? I haven't heard anything about it for quite some time now. Just wondering, if she was actually asked now whether she would be up for it?
bubblecat, my suspicion, it would be a money issue like so often in Hollywood.
Fox is making big bucks off Buffy properties, SMG would expect to get a fair share, the Fox definition of fair share might not be the same as hers, since she also have other interesting things to hunt&fish, run down rabbit holes with and tell Southland Tales about, most likely no SMG as Buffy, at least not in the near future.
My dream would be Buffy Animated on Adult Swim, and then just have a whole season of 'tween stuff from season 6!! :P
jpr: I think you're onto something with that. I vaguely remember Emma saying something about Fox making huge money from the show and not passing any of it along to the cast. The cast may have earned a nice amount per episode, but it's the principle of the thing. If Fox are going to be making huge sums out of DVD sets in part due to the extras included, it seems only fair that they pass some of that along. The same goes for the animated show which would have made them money when it eventually ended up on DVD.
For the Buffy cartoon, I was thinking that wa the dvd movie Aly had heard was going to video. At least teh pilot. Just a thought. I think the Animated was going to be set in season two and include Dawn.
Season 2 and include Dawn? So it would be their memories of what happened rather than actual a diary or something? Sorry, I didn't really follow the whole animated situation. It never really interested me. But that caught my attention and made me go "Huh?"
It was to be the early Buffy high school years 1&2, but was to have Dawn in the mix. It was to be set there to see how the stories and things would have gone with Dawn there. Not flashbacks, actual new stories. From what I know, they had the pilot complete and several other cripts for eps.Dawn was going to be 12. So were Angel and all the scoobies.
Can I just say that the trailer looks just so much fun. I can't wait for this movie. lol. I'm 20 and can't wait for an animated film. It's hilarious.
Dawn was going to be 12. So were Angel and all the scoobies.

They were all going to be the same age?? 12 year olds in high school??

[ edited by Rogue Slayer on 2005-07-26 19:30 ]
I meant Angel and the scoobies were going to be interacting with 12 year old Dawn. sorry=)
LOL Rogue Slayer!! FalenAnjil, she knew what you meant, she was just having a little bit of fun!
I think they are having trouble getting the series picked up by a network. FallenAnjl is correct, it would be set during the early seasons of Buffy but with Dawn there as well. I'm not actually sure whether it will be good or not. You can't go wrong with the cast but because Buffy was so dark and rich I'm not sure how it will work as a toned down cartoon. Probably keep the comedy and action with less drama. It could work.

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