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January 25 2003

(SPOILER) Spoilers for three upcoming Buffy episodes at AICN. Beware, Herc also mentions a casting spoiler for Angel's March 26 episode.

These are spoilers for BtVS 7x13, 7x14 and 7x15.

Too much spoilage in the topic. Even if we're only talking about "angles". Let's at least keep this free of degrees, radii, areas and differential calculus.
Dammit... I clicked on it and couldn't help by highlight the spoilers. I didn't want to! Somebody shoot me. Spoilers = Bad. ...but they're so addictive...!
Scroll down the page, Nyx... the news about Willow was already posted. Different link, but same info. I'll edit the link text a bit (giving it a different... angle) and fix your spelling.

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