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July 26 2005

Steve DeKnight pens eps 2 and 5 of Smallville Season 5. Titled "Mortal" and "Thirst" respectively.

Terrence O'Hara is directing the second one. Remember his fine job on "Deep Down" with SDK?

Steve Deknight's Smallville eps weren't bad (except for Spell, which was easily imo the worst episode of the series to date.)

Run was a very good show, and Onyx was pretty good.

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Spell was the one with all three ladies turing to witches and ripping Clarks clothes off right??? It was funny . Deffiantly not the worst.

I just want to know how when anyone turns evil, there is always leather around.Is there a leather store that magically apears????

Mortal sounds intresting with Wonder Twins and all. Nothing is known about thirst yet. Might be his first with JM's professor.

I love his Lois, she is so snarky.

[ edited by FalenAnjl on 2005-07-27 02:11 ]
Well, I know when I'm feeling evil I whip out the leather. ;)
That's awesome. Steve deKnight is one of my favorite writers. He did some of my favorite episodes.
I'm going to ring Steve's agent now. He's WAY to good for this show. How can he lower himself??!?!?!???!?!?!??

(I'm kiddin').
Just keep him away from any scene involving a bathroom and don't let him touch Lex's hands!

I know my limits. I've been traumatized before.

('Onyx', though, seriously. Yes. More where THAT came from, please. Because one Lex just isn't enough. Can I have, say, 12 next time, please Steve? And can one of them be (officially) called "Baldy Bear"? Ta.)

And, just to grovel a little bit more while I'm at it, Mr DeKnight, I beg of you, if you have any say at all in the matter, PLEASE, for the love of everything, put James Marsters in lots of scenes with John Glover and Michael Rosenbaum. Please? Thank you.
Too much eye candy leads to blindness. Or Buffy Season 7.

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