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July 26 2005

Mal's Song Video...again. Someone posted a link a little while ago, but this file isn't a torrent, so it may be easier to view.

I couldn't watch the first link posted, but this one worked for me. Hope it works for everyone else too. It's really good.

Thanks for that. The one I downloaded via bit torrent wouldn't play properly. This after taking 6 hours to download! I'll see if this one works.
Hi all, Jeremy from here, I created the video and I highly recommend downloading the hi-res version but it does require QuickTime 7 (older versions of QuickTime will not play it.)

The high res video is here:
I've seen the video, and it's fantastic..and the song, now in my iPod, is just as good. I'd like to see it in the next Serenity movie.
Is there a place, except on torrent (which I don't have), where we can download the mp3 of this song?

Great song in fact; and, as a guitarist, I am quite glad that escapekey gave the chords on their website.

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