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July 26 2005

(SPOILER) E! Online's Kristen Chat's about Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters. She sees Charisma at the UPN party and talks about the WB announcement about James being on Smallville. The article may contain spoilers.

Not to be rude, but was this not posted already?Is this not the same interview that she says she is dying to be WW? Just wondering???
No, this is a different article, the chat took place last night and was just posted today.
The other link was Kristen making a post in the forums. So yeah different. I don't think Kristen mentioned the Joel Silver connection in her forum.
I know I've said this a hundred times before but....Charisma is perfect for Wonder Woman!!! She can still pass for early 20's and lights up the screen (big or small) with her smile!!
I'd rather see Charisma play Cheetah, because she's so much more fun when she's a "bitca" vs. a goodie-goodie.
Now there is something I have never thought of before.Cheetah would be cool.

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