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"I am Loki of Asgard. And I am burdened with glorious purpose."
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July 26 2005

Joss Answers Seven New Questions on the Serenity board. Also, there's wacky fun to be had by joining a Browncoat Crew. Help promote Serenity and win prizes like t-shirts and hats. REG. REQ.

I got a crew... "Spooky River Fans"

Join if you want! :)
I'm not an admin, but I would really prefer if you would link directly to the new items instead of trying to get points from us.

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If I made a complain, will you send one to me instead?

OOh. Dirty trick...
Hey, anything for a Serenity Goodie. They're kinda hard to come by around here. :)
I wonder if Joss is serious when he says,

"My scariest moment during filming is always the day when I walk in and realize I have no idea how to shoot a scene. This is not something that I tell anybody around me, I just walk around until I figure it out, but itís scary."
I bet he's serious and I bet that's why some scenes are just so great because he goes in not having a clue what he wants to do and just goes with his instincts.
I'm not sure why this needed a link to the main board at all. So I changed it to the Joss Answers . . . page instead.
Succatash - he'll be serious, I suspect. You can't possible work out every detail of every scene in advance, especially with TV. Sometimes you just have to turn up and run with it.
Thanks a lot, SNT, this way we can read Joss' answers without registration.
The job of a director is certainly stressful. Can you imagine the reaction of the actors if Joss walked on the set scatching his head, "How the heck am I going to do this?"

Yet, all the actors have alway commented that Joss was always a step ahead in how he wanted to shoot a scene so he's doing something right.
Oh, I didn't realize you could view the questions without logging in. Thanks for fixing, SNT.
I would add an itty-bitty caution for points collectors: if you link, read and shut the door, IOW, you don't sign in, you don't get your own points. Although you can always do so later, provided you click the board's internal link to the Jossity.
I'm a bit surprised how political Joss sounds. Go Joss!
He's probably serious. He's got a lot on his mind and he has to refocus. It happens to us all.
Favorite villain: Thanos. Kewl. Another thing for me to have in common with the Joss. Great minds DO think alike;-)

(*crickets chirping*)

What? What?? You're all just jealous!

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